Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Clearing mist, A lust for blood and the end of the world.

After what would seem an age in itself the chaos has started to subside, there is illumination at the top of the well and I can fully begin my ascent once more, not so much a fall on this occasion but a retreat, an enforced journey into an uncertain realm which until this point has left me with deep insecurities and a veil that has somewhat hidden the path from view.
The mists are clearing before the eyes as I head toward the light, order is starting to return as the great serpent stretches his coils beneath the earth of our land, the troublesome vermin run for the safety of their own nests as the hunter steps into the bright light of day once more, there is great change within the serpents wake, yet I am ready to accept it and all that it will bring.

2012 shall indeed be the end of this world, not the paranoid delusions peddled by ignorant conspirators but a new beginning, for that to happen something needs to die and death will force change in no small measure, what that will be I cannot see, yet in my heart I know that it will come and the masses shall rise as the great leveller takes its toll, perhaps 2012 shall be known as the year the world changed for the better- we shall see!

The Twelve days were for us a truly mixed bag of blessings and curses, time was spent with dearest of kin yet others were sorely missed, insects were biting at the skin and although no great wounds were struck the ache and the itch were at times unendurable, threats to much beloved family members left this one with an insatiable lust for blood yet wiser council bade me keep my sword together with that of my brothers within its sheath (for now at least). Our financial circumstances changed in no small way when the work dried up, not unexpected yet an uncertain future on that level which does leave us free to pursue new and old Ideas.
Still we journey on, and all serves its purpose, stronger and with renewed vigour we face the world head on, as the end of one thing heralds brighter beginnings, the chance for a new start in many ways, plans and projects that had to go upon the back burner can resurface and I for one have found great joy in this prospect.

Plough Monday has passed and gone, this one spent the day quite literally as the vegetable patch was in need of some tender loving care, financial security has made me idle upon that front so change again forces a valuable reconnection to the land, the soil turned and the labours of Cain have prepared the ground and greenhouse for a hopeful bounty in the leaner times to come.
Many agricultural customs still have those roots within the traditional craft, the actual doing aids the soul and the mind in an understanding of the subtleties and reasons for them, although Horse drawn team and garlanded plough were replaced by eager woodsman,spade and fork, the task of turning soil and feeding the earth becomes a greater ritual that is indeed reflected within the heavens as the old man pushes his own plough across the sky, That in itself brings strength to the back and much joy to the heart.
Plough Monday CTC- this is an article well worth a read if there is any confusion between the Craft and Agricultural traditions.

As we head toward the rites of Candle mass, Imbolc, call it what you will, there are still sacrifices to be made before we can properly emerge from the dark, dead weight to shift from our lives and sins to be absolved, from now to that time when we can finally shed our skins it is worth considering all that which would hamper our forward motion and stop us from evolving, those things that pull us back and make us as rooted as plants, we are the children of Cain after all, I love the forest dearly as every hunter does, yet I am not a tree I am a man and I need to move along the path, as much as I would enjoy the vista I cannot stay and watch it become overgrown as would seem to be the way for the many.

So Journey on we must, and to all who happen upon this Cunning page, a Happy new year to you, may it bring great change and many blessings in the time to come, but remember, all things must die and it is that fragile nature of life that makes it so perfect, divine teacher of souls that grants us joy in every tender moment, if we open our hearts, our spirits and our eyes.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.