Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Bitter taste of Fates cruel bite.

Tonight the stars seam to tear their way through a curtain of night, yet to my own mind it is for naught.
Bright lunar beams rip the clouds to pieces and yet there is a far greater darkness that would block them from my view.
I cannot dance beneath that light, for of all the radiant beams that have ever shone there is one gone as ash from this world.

My heart lies broken upon a most terrible storm, I played my hand and left the hall half the man I once was.
For nothing is what it would seem, no amount of pious devotion or fire lit vigil will buy you any favour from the gods, they are at best but shades and ash themselves, cruel reminders of the vile injustice that flows through human kind, the great depart to leave the foul detritus of this confused race floating on the waters of despair.

Today I hate this world with all the passion I have left, and yet it is I that have spared my beloved from this pain, this hurt, lonesomeness and annihilation, now obligation becomes the reason for life for I can find little else.

I have stood upon the shoulders of your gods, I have gazed into the distant beyond, this answer is simple.
It is what it is, as my dear beloved would say.
Within this anger there is clarity, I see clearly the delusion born of false hope that will ultimately pass within a flood of tears.
I hate you for your futile persistence, warmth found only in the realms of another kind of ignorance , face it. Do not cheat fate, for ultimately no servant of that cruel mistress can, the price is to high and you will learn that at your peril.

She told me once, that the waters of the Lethe were good enough for her.
The wisest and most beautiful soul I have ever known has allowed fate her cruel will, and if to swim within that water is good enough for her then who I am to ever question that, for it will be good enough for this one also.

None shall ever see her like again, none will ever match that purest of souls, that beautiful heart. My own heart is broken and I shall never be complete for as long as this world keeps me here.
And yet I loved her, I love her still.
Fortune did shine upon me for time before fate tore her from my arms.

I have loved the best of us.