Monday, 16 June 2014

For my youngest Daughter

It was in the Summer of 1998 that you came into our lives.
Foxglove high upon the hedges of the purple moor, full of promise, bright and beautiful, not unlike yourself.
As far north as we have ever lived, the silent whispers of midsummer holding our radiant Sun within the heavens through out both Day and Night.
A Child of light,of land ,sea and sky you came into our world with all the passion of those hot summer storms.
Thunder within your heart finds it's balance in love and harmony, then like the storm fades to brighten the world once more.
Our dearest Jen.
Like the flowers that were the heralds of your birth, be beautiful.
Like the wild storms of summer, embrace your passion.
Like the bright sun of midsummer ,be radiant.
Like the Ocean,shape the world and rise to all challenges.
Carry all this in your heart,.
for together with our most dearest love you will shine.
The brightest star in the night sky.
A light it has been our privilege to love and to hold.
We have had fortune indeed to know you my sweet girl.
Follow your heart yet always know that it will have a home with us .