Saturday, 13 April 2013

A sharpened blade at the coming of age.

 A letter, to my daughter on her eighteenth birthday, hopefully dispelling the myth that the gift of steel could possibly be a curse. Based on superstitious nonsense and nothing more, it is the gift of freedom, responsibility resides in the hands of whoever wields the weapon, the gift of that symbol marks the passing of time and trust gained through reciprocal love and loyalty.

Look to your ancestors people, reason and not the broken words of fools shall be the true scripture.

To My eldest Daughter.
Well, here we are at the turning of the tide; it is now Eighteen years since You chose to be a part of our lives.
It has not always been an easy ride but no voyage worth its salt ever is, for it is by the traps and pitfalls that we truly learn, the mistakes we make and the difficulties we may encounter, all serve to ultimately enrich our lives and forge us into the creatures of potential we are.
But you were no mistake my love, through good times and bad, it has always been a pleasure to share this life with you, and long may that continue, but now it is by your choice that you stay and no longer ours. In reality it was your choice all along and I thank you with all my heart for choosing us.

I give to you the gift of a knife, this is more than a tool to cut, it is a symbol of your right to bear a weapon, a symbol of trust and given in love, you will carry this symbol for the rest of your life and remember who it is you are. It is shaped like a leaf, it may be blown upon the winter winds far from home, but you will always remember the tree from which it fell, our tree my love, of which you are no small part.

Remember that leaf in difficult times and it will bring strength, remember the branch from which it unfurled and you will find your way home. For whatever you do and wherever you are I shall be always watching for you, a warm bed and a hearty meal shall always greet you and my home is your home evermore. If you need me, look to the Hawk and I am there, if you are lost, look to the sky and my star will guide you.

So tread with care my own sweet child and the world will reward you with riches beyond compere, perhaps not gold and silver but those denied to other folk, Love, companionship and trust is the greatest wealth, action not circumstance will provide, you know this already, as your own heart is your greatest virtue.

This world is a greater place with you in it, so once more I thank you for choosing us, for if I were to make that choice having known you this long, I would choose you again.


So, Time passes, the wheel turns. As another young woman takes her steps into the world, responsibility does not end here for this student of eternity, but to know I must still watch and guide as my precious little bird takes flight upon the wind, as to which way she flies, well that is up to her.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.