Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A broken man, a rat beneath the table and a sword red with blood.

I remain a broken man,
Torn into pieces by the winds of circumstance.
Alike to the old one, a sacrifice, broken upon that wheel of fate.
And there lies this truth.

Perhaps within the shattered soul, hope lingers yet.
For there are those who I have forsaken that forgive this errant fool.
Those who indeed did bring me food, when I was empty,
brought me mead when inspiration seemed but a distant memory,
those dearly beloved that tended these wounds.
They tend them still.

And there lies a far deeper truth.
The love of family, this jewel of the emerald forest.
Blood and bone will always hold.
For if it had failed, if it were all but a show.
This broken man would be food for the Raven.
A name only , a person "never-more".

This wound still festers.
Perhaps it always will.
Yet I know that this weight is shared by the beloved.
and by this act it becomes far less to carry.
So let none cast doubt upon mine own.
together we remain and stronger we become.

This Shield wall stands.
Oak and Iron, tooth and claw.
Spears eager to seek sweet justice reward.
To sometime dine in retribution's burning glory,
Or perhaps to keep that wolf at bay
For it is the bright steel that shall keep our banner high.

Let it so be known that.
The fish of the land shall retreat to their holes.
no longer to sate themselves upon another's loss,
or to beg for scraps from the Kings own table.
My Axe shall be scarlet, my sword will run with gore.
Vermin is not welcome in our halls.

Many thanks and much love to those whom have supported this fool over the past months, Damaged goods I may be, but without your love and support I would be gone, you have all forgiven my anger and nursed my wounds as I have already said, and without you all I would be gone.
To you all, you are my family, you have my love and my loyalty. My sword and my heart (what is left of it ) shall always be yours. 

Flags, Flax and Fodder.