Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Thoughts of a life in love.

Some things remain unsaid, sleeping dogs left to lie, far happier in ignorance than to be awoken in sadness , only then to rage and bite with vengeance's bitter whip.

Not our story my love, this was never our way.

Do you remember?

That fated moment, caught between the dust and fumes of the city,
the smoke grey sky that cast no shadow that day.
Beneath the concrete towers when fortune smiled and our eyes met for the first time,
I still feel the tremble of my heart, that knowing.
I still hear the stolen voice that whispered “She's the one”,
It whispers to me still my love.

The greater part of our lives within each others company, yet we tire not of that gift,
How could we reject such as Fate has given and as such we celebrate still.
I can feel the impatience, waiting for that telephone call.
do you remember the letters we wrote?
The songs we sang?
We sing them still my love.

We have seen peoples rise and others fall, feast and famine.
Yet within your arms it can all be forgotten.
We were children then, amazed by the flames beneath the bright night sky,
never feared of the fires tongue, a forge to weld our love,
Nocturne's witness within sight of the Hare's dance.
The Dance continues my love.

The wheel turns.
Our own forest has truly blossomed.
Yet still we walk these wild hills, gaze in wonder at the stars,
bathed in the light of those dearest souls who love us for who we are.
The fire casts its light upon the face I love,
my heart jumps as the salmon leaps when you come into my arms.
This fire she burns still my love.

The best may be yet to to be seen.
For it is the beauty of your being that never fades,
I raise my cup to you, may it flow eternally as our love has done.
For at the end of days, I would give it all,
A thousand lifetimes for one look into your eyes.
I would tear down the halls of the gods,
To hold you once more in my arms.
My Love.