Monday, 23 August 2010

Peering into the mists of truth.

As the pea soup fog of the Cornish summer persisted about the house of the Cunning man, visibility down to about ten yards and the company of my Beloved, my dear brother and sister and the dog Bear called for a trip among the ancestors high upon Bodmin moor.
A precarious drive along the short distance to the hill tops and out into the invisible world of swirling mists and wild ancient spirits, rendering us instantly wet the wind only serving to wash away the dirt and detritus of the everyday world.
Dogs running out of the grey, seemingly wild with the pack only a few steps behind, dodging between the shadows of the stallion ponies and their harems, the stones in circles appeared to walk toward us, not us to them, greeting us with a warm welcome as they have many generations previously
The Moorland here I know well, but at this time all was alien to even me, my usually sharp sense of direction threatened to throw us all into the untamed wilderness , caution was uppermost, even for this seasoned hill walker but instinct and trust soon guided us to the stacked rocks that have throughout their being seen so much of the human story on the high moors of Stowe's hill.
The wildness of nature is rising once more , standing on the top of the stack upon an precarious stone outcrop, the mist so thick I couldn't see ten steps ahead, the wind and moisture almost pushing me off the top, voices from the past scream into my soul, ripping away the negative association with modern society .I am alive, I am part of the cosmos and I am whole, complete once more, the missing parts of this wayward spirit forced back to the confines of my body, connected to the web in perfect union, these are the moments we all live for.

Just as well to make the most of our visit, on return August Fog soon turned to august rain, in the comfort of this house we regained our dry states and embarked on a little bit of feasting, happily accompanied by my brothers latest tipple, Pimms!
The clouds persist outside my window, although lifted in my heart by an unexpected invite, unable to fulfill said invitation due to family and work commitments, the suggestion was greatly received and there was much pain in having to decline, hopefully other times will come.

Within all faiths and religion there would seem to be a need for reassurance, a mentor or Friend to guide and give encouragement along the way, to pick you up when you are down and to put you in your place when you are out of bounds, this role is of course filled by Maids and Magisters, high priests and priestesses, the solitary Witch often needs guidance too, and that will rarely, if ever come from one who shouts from the rooftops.
How do we find such people when there are those of us who have little to do with anything or anyone beyond the sphere of our own existence?

The answer is, with caution.
There are many with truths and wisdom out there, together with those who would seem to have neither, beware the false wisdom of others, if a question posed is returned with absolute answer then maybe the answer is wrong, more often the wiser teacher will return the question with yet another question.
Beware those who place themselves in positions of authority, there are some who make claims to heritage and authenticity who have no such claim to make, not always easily spotted they are often quick to criticise and will try to undermine those who may have bonafide lineage, they may be charlatans and bullies and as such should be given no quarter, the genuine will never mind that you have researched them a little, after all it is a small token of commitment to any path of enlightenment, the truly wise will care not for a title or the right to stamp authority over an individual, the world is large and time is short in each lifetime, there is much to do and even more to learn in the blink of time it takes to go from birth to death and back again, too short to pursue falsehoods and lies at any rate.
Those who I have met in recent times have been kind , courteous understanding and encouraging, there was a time in this ones life that he feared he would never find such, when standing at the door to the pool of religion it is difficult not to ignore all the shouting in the shallow end, it is worth learning to block it out and proceed to deeper water, there is wisdom and kindness to be found there.
If any are interested in the deeper end, there are links to some good sites at the bottom of this page. So pop on your spiritual water wings and esoteric rubber ring and dive into the pool, you will find much of interest there.

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