Sunday, 5 December 2010

Icy winds, Wyrd substance and the emergance of the serpent

Cold still grips this blessed land, the bitter wind pierces the air, cleansing thought and ills as she passes, the silent herald of the wild hunt out to collect the souls of the lost and wayward.
The flux of tides is alive, tearing black streaks in the fabric of the grey sky, moving, ever living, creating, spinning the wyrd into the shapes and forms of tomorrow's being, the future flows with a force from the well of eternity, the clear air lets you taste it,hold it in your grasp and feel the fibrous nature of the worlds.
Upon this the frozen land I work then home to a warm hearth, yet still she calls, beckoning me to depart the comforts of the dwelling to become wrapped once more within the darkness of her cloak, to her call I must go, not the unwilling fool, but with a gladdened heart I depart the house, wrapped warm against the icy breeze.
The covering grey has gone from the day to reveal a bejeweled heaven, as clear as the ice that sits upon the pools of water, not a blemish to stain this gem encrusted canopy, as pure as the snow itself, holder of the mysteries, keeper of secrets, I am the servant, the priest and the student, I belong to them, the wayward child of the stars.
We wander down the track and out across the chilled land the wind is no more, ice crisp and brittle under my feet, the breaking panes of natures own glass sculpture are the only sounds audible to myself and my oss.
As I gaze skyward I see the threads, star to star they run, every point the centre of the web, every one connected to every other, the strands of the wyrd stretch from high above down to my feet and beyond, feeling the touch, I am one with all, the heart of the web, I am land and star, ocean and shore, all things yet nothing what so ever, a moment, a divine gift, this time, I could achieve all that I could dream, through this love,a knowledge that comes on the icy wind that grips our land, the serpent has emerged from the shadow at last as fire streaks the deeper blue.
This special time, this sacred moment, a chance to give all that you have and take all you are given, the traveller between the worlds, within the quiet land of the night, silence, wisdom and communion with the fabric of all life, all work on this land is sleeping, I doubt I will meet another of this world on nights such as these, it is my time, my own Eden, in this time and place that belongs to me, and me alone.

The time of the awakening soul, my beloved and I watched as fallen stars grazed the ether with their splendour, the company of my eldest daughter upon one of my night time forays, a truly blessed week indeed, nothing to cloud the mind and if it came the welcome dawn appearance of the morning star together with the lunar sickle that welcomed in the days this week would strike it from existence, cleansing the detritus from my world.

Cold, Yes, inconvenience also, yet nothing touches the moments I have described, these are not born of desire, they are necessary, tools and methods for understanding, never are they the benign daydreams of an ignorant fool, there are no secrets for those who listen and listen we must, to remain in ignorance is a crime, to wear the blinkers of an organized religion also, we must not stagnate, like the wyrd it self we must remain in a state of flux, adapt and evolve or we become stale.
As I have already mentioned, the Serpent has emerged from the shadows, it no longer retreats from my light, to have noticed that it had in the past was one of the most important lessons I have had this year, thankfully there was one in that place who could tell me where I was going wrong and guide me to the ways of putting it right.

The journey continues, I expect falls and slip ups along the way but the tree continues to bear me fruit, even if on occasion I end up flat on my back because it is to dark on the lane to see the frozen stream that runs to one side.

FFF. Tony.

For those with an interest in astronomy there is a free program down loadable from, it is a fantastic guide to the night sky and well worth installing and it costs nothing, I think it is globally relevant also.


  1. Dear Tony,

    I am following your blog with great interest. Please could you please explain: 'where I was going wrong and guide me to the ways of putting it right' ?

    As I too follow this path alone and look to learn from the path of my peers.


    Cunning Man of Kent

  2. My dear freind, who is to say you are doing anything wrong at all, if you feel this in yourself you need to examine it, do not judge yourself by what others do or think, there is a lot of noise in the shallow end remember.
    I have walked this path for thirty years or there about and it is only now that I have reached this point and there is still far to go, you are not alone as there are many others out there, they are harder to find but look for the signs and find them you will.
    Outside the temple of Apollo there was a notice that was directed at those who would approach the oracle, it read "know thyself", this is a key.

    FFF. Tony

  3. Dear Tony,

    My apologies if I wasn't clear in my previous comment, when I asked if you could explain:

    'where I was going wrong and guide me to the ways of putting it right'?

    This was a quote from your post above. Where did you feel that you was 'going wrong' and what guidance did you feel that put you on your way?

    Thank you for your kind words none-the-less.


    Cunning Man of Kent

  4. Ah I am sorry,I was refuring to the fact that in order for me to progress I had to rid myself of various preconceptions and even longings, to accept my place in this world, this guide told me many things, among them was the need to move forward under my own steam and not wait for others to push me forward, a mistake I have made, many things spoken to me are of a deeply personal nature so I choose not to elaborate here, Know thyself being a prime lesson.
    Hope this makes things clear.