Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Freedoms dance, kith, kin and a crooked sixpence.

The wild wind blows with great force beyond the comfort and warmth of the Cunning Man's home. I lie upon my bed listening to the sounds outside as the hunt rides the sky beyond these walls of stone, I long to travel with them as my spirit awakens to the thrill of the chase, and then something of a different nature is born.
Like mist that clings to the fields and farmyards in the early morning a form takes shape, rising from the very pores of my skin, it gathers itself together, it becomes.
Slowly, it composes itself, rising above me, it has no eyes, yet I know it can see, no hands to feel, yet it can touch what ever it wishes to touch, I in turn feel and experience the quintessence and it's sensations, it's emotions as it tastes freedom for this first time, we are one and the same, I am he and he is me and we together are both separate and whole.
Dancing above my horizontal body in ways that I could only dream of, spinning, turning, flowing from shape to shape, unbound from the restrictions of this mundane form, love feeds our world as we enjoy this moment, distracted from the events outside we experience our meeting instead, we get to know each other, myself meeting myself, a form no longer restricted by the ego, An absolute pleasure, an absolute love and trust, we embrace and become one.
It was a pleasure for Me to meet me, and one I shall treasure.

On and on the wheel turns as we charge headlong into the year, seeds that were planted at the Candlemass have burst forth, both in reality and metaphorically, our dreams and passions slowly become the fruit of our needs and our longing, the food for our journey.
The blessings, curses, pitfalls and boons are mapped out before me, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, times of woe and times of great joy await, to know aids the decisions of the future, the snares and traps that lie along the crooked path shall not come as a surprise to this one, with guile and cunning they may be avoided completely, yet in turn those precious moments shall be welcomed with all the pleasure they deserve, love and companionship, meetings of minds and the forging of friendships all shall pass along this road that once seemed to be such a lonely one.

Once more we found ourselves amongst our kin of the north, Derbyshire although shrouded in cloud and mist gave us the welcome of family and friendship, a beautiful county full of marvelous people.
Meeting family for the first time, instantly recognisable as such and this fact alone never fails to astound, even those who were unable to make it were noticeable by their absence, time and space separate the bodies of our strange dynasty yet at some greater level we, like the spirit that danced above me are whole, we are not bound by those "natural" laws, we are together and could never be confused with strangers.
Faces were put to names and names put to faces, the pagan community of that northern land stands as a flagship to all who would be of that ilk, pleasure comes in leaps and bounds as we meet the Piebald Corvid and his own kith and kin, kind words from kind people bring great strength to my beloved and I.
The Derby Witan a success indeed, I did not see all there was to see, but the words and wisdom of one who's voice filled the auditorium with a flow and grace that comes of no surprise, still flow within, I am sure that if the divine feminine has a telephone then Shani Oates has got the private number to the hot line.

So, a Cunning man returns along many a crooked mile to his Crooked house, his Crooked cat and he carries with him a Crooked sixpence, a gift from another whom I am proud to call Friend, more upstanding than this Crooked man, we shall continue our friendship long into the future, meetings shall take place, as part of my heart now belongs to that blessed county and to those that dwell there of.

Flags,Flax,Fodder and Frigg(for the magpie) . Tony.

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