Monday, 28 March 2011

Green shoots, a Serpents kiss and a blade fit for a King.

Spring has Sprung and all is as it should be within the world of The Cunning Man.
The serpent, no longer coiled in anticipation within the darkened halls has leaped forward into the light, sinking his teeth into the changing tide and injecting vibrancy and wisdom into the green of the land.
White clouds adorn the dark thorn as the sky becomes filled with avian prospectors, each laden with material enough to nurture the newly hatched young, the dark feathers are among the first to build their nests and rear their offspring;

First to hatch,
first to feed.
Wise and cunning birds indeed.

Emerald the hedgerows of my home, sorrel and the pennywort cling to the sides of the road and the leaves of the garlic wild fill the air with its sweet yet pungent scent when my own clumsy boot disturbs its rest, above the fodder the vibrant shoots of the may tree burst forth with a promise of what is to come.
Fortunate indeed, to dwell in a land of such remarkable beauty, the power and the energy at this time screams toward the soul "look upon me, love me am I not truly beautiful", inspiration at every glance, to be a part of this is privilege enough for any who would dare to gaze at its wonder, yet so sadly never to be grasped by those who would not.

Lady Day has passed and gone, an important date in both the agricultural calendar and the religious one, a time of contracts, of commitment and of action, blood stains the parchment and the seal is made, like the serpent it is time to strike, to make whole the plots and plans of winter and to seize the day, from this pact there is to be no return.
The Gnosis will flow, to force Sophia's gift is but the greater folly, an open heart will allow the stream to smooth the doubt and to wash the obstructions away, the path will surely become clear and the voyage shall be made much easier. Virtue shall blossom in the warm light of wisdom and the spirit shall become as steel in the forge of old Tubal himself.

Hidden from the world of winter, we emerge, renewed by a divine force to walk beneath the red sun's all seeing eye, soaking up the rays of our majestic star and feeling the heartbeat of the source as it pulses through both body and spirit, our goal is at this time most touchable, to become one with all and to walk in the worlds of the gods. A well tempered blade quenched by the water of life shall strike out with prudence and knowledge, cutting through the ether to the heart of truth.
We are Green shoots, to become the fibre of the world, the web and all its many threads, as Lucifer's guiding light heads into the western sky I am truly thankful for all that I have gained and all that is to come.

Today Is a good day.

Flags, Flax and Fodder.. Tony.

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