Monday, 2 May 2011

Flags, Flux, Flowers and Frivolity.

All out of your beds,
For summer is acome unto day,
Your chamber shall be strewed with the white rose and the red
In the merry morning of May.
Where are the young men that here now should dance,
For summer is acome unto day,
Some they are in England some they are in France,
In the merry morning of May.
Where are the maidens that here now should sing,
For summer is acome unto day,
They are in the meadows the flowers gathering,
In the merry morning of May.
"Oss Oss"
(excerpt from Padstow daytime may day song)
Flags and flowers fly high above the small town that lies to the northwest of this beautiful county as once more coaxed from the mouth of a golden lion the Old Oss does emerge once more from its winter lair.
The busy celebration shall pass this one by in body, though not in spirit this year, not unlike the blue ribbon that brings temperance to the frivolity, mine is a waiting game still, there is time yet before this warrior shall mount his own oss spear in hand to greet the changing tide.
Reminders of the flux adorn the great oaks of my home, the crowns of green splendid upon their noble brows, as the world tree that stands proud beside still forces its own emerald fire through the pale brown skin of its branches, the bridge that crosses all the worlds resplendent within a sea of may.

The first of May and the arrival of the May bug, after three years of subterranean voyage he emerges from the chthonic earthy realm to fly for but a short time among the summer breeze of our land, welcome Billy Witch your arrival heralds greater times ahead. Dionysus walks amongst us once again and those that cannot face his gaze scurry back to the holes and beneath the stones from whence they came, now fearful to attempt to hide within plain site, blinded by the light of wisdom they retreat.

Gifts an blessings showered down upon the heart of the Cunning man upon the muted marking of another solar return, a white rose to stand beside the red and a black one that points toward dearest of kin, green fire from Lucifer's brow and wishes in abundance, proof to this one that emerging from the shadows was indeed the right choice to make, although when having lunch with my beloved, there were two of our pagan sisters (adorned with the correct jewellery)who noticed a symbol upon my lapel, then drew visual daggers, perhaps mistaking it for one of those they despise, it bought a smile to my heart at the ability to hide within plain site from those who would feign wisdom and forsake the truth for ignorance..

Within this time of union my own voyage will once more take me to my old stamping ground where another union shall take place, two souls from different worlds, separated by the great Atlantic ocean shall be united, a chance once more to meet favoured kin and those of like minded spirit, as this one ventures further into the light of company unknown, what blessings shall be born of this union I have yet to see, but they have mine and all that goes with it, and they shall relish this short time together upon the shores of Avalon.

As the children of the land prepare to undertake the acceptable face of the rites of spring, the wind howls around the vicinity of our home, the village bunting might well be in the neighbouring village by now, I shall venture forth soon to find out. The Pole erected every year finds the company of youth from the young of elsewhere as the village itself has not produced those of appropriate age for some time, another place's offspring were imported to dance the round last year and I imagine the same will occur this time, a retirement village that heralds the end of tradition and the death of the rural communities, it would seem that as with everything, it is those who would complain of change that force its very being after all.
A bitter lesson that we should treasure the young and the changes they bring, evolution occurs at so many levels and if we were to praise the children for the advancement they make, instead of criticising them at every turn then, refusing to accept change, then this land would be all the better for it, we have much to be proud of in our youth, but to see it we must all open our eyes, for it is there to see, Art, Music and dance, right in front of us, primal skill and evolution of the species in action.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.

(Cockchafer, (colloquially called may bug, billy witch, or spang beetle))

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