Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sweet blooms, clashing steel and knowing oneself.

The delicate aroma of the Meadowsweet flower brings pleasure to the mind as it passes through the senses, plentiful along the abundant hedgerows of my home, this gentle bloom a gem among the effulgent green and scarlet, an awakening amongst the sleepy Valerian herb and the tall fairy glove that mark this sleepy county in shades of red.
Black rock and golden gorse, perhaps the colours of this once Celtic land, overlooked the broom that glows within the partial shadow of the majestic oak, ingredients for love of a very different nature, at least to the magicians that walked the land in a time that lies forgotten to most.

It comes to pass that this would be wise man realises the importance of that well known council that once stood above the Oracle of Delphi, always acknowledged, yet perhaps not fully understood.
In truth aspects of the self, of who we truly are may still be discovered, perceptions and ideas brought about by social pressure may not be truths, growth can only take place at those times when we are prepared to open our hearts and minds, take a leap and to trust in fate once more and see what she throws at us.
What we think we are will often prove to be a misconception if we actually stop and pay attention to what we actually are, those subtleties in our own character's that we shy away from or bury beneath whatever mask may serve the purpose, if we allow them to surface there may be a pleasant surprise that awakens.
For this one there was a fear, a fight or flight reflex which has always become apparent at those testing times, a fear of failure, to be at that point when great change is afoot but to turn and run, to not even try, deluded by the fact that "I would have achieved but it wasn't really what I wanted", failure in itself but not one that is seen by the mundane world, as I would only allow success to be viewed.
In no small way, this very act is to cheat fate, to ignore the gifts or trials she has given, to remove or try to remove yourself from her influence is a witches heresy, yet it is only in Knowing oneself that we come to realise our worst traits, likewise, strengths we might never of known we had might blossom and bloom alike to the flowers that bring delight to our summer days, it takes another view to spot these, more often than not.

Friends and family met amongst the clashing of steel upon steel at Teweksbury medieval festival this past weekend, an absolute pleasure to catch up with so many that we rarely see, together with those who we see more often, fortunate indeed to be blessed with such company, not to mention a certain corvid who was unable to come yet sent a precious gem by way of a wren which was most welcome to boot, many thanks Bran if you should happen upon this witter.

This Cunning man makes preparation for what is possibly one of the greatest steps and commitment he has ever taken, the fight and flight instinct has well and truly been blown away by the wind of change, as doors open and gnosis lies like a veritable banquet before my eyes. When the call went out many moons ago, my own green fire sent skyward to the heavens, I would have known no Idea that my own path would end up at the place it has, not to mention the pleasure at meeting the souls who's company I have enjoyed along the way, my own among them and one I am just beginning to enjoy.

Flags,Flax and Fodder... Tony

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  1. Yes my friend, I am following your journey. FFF&F. Bran.