Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A green loaf and a thorn among the roses.

By the dictates of the modern calendar the rites of the Loaf mass are now upon us, if we were to consider this a truth then we would be saddened and starving, as Old Puss still has haven within the ripening grain, for a week or two to come as well, coal black the watchers anticipate the coming feast, as do those of us who patiently await the true time of plenty dictated not by time, but by She alone.
Still the cloak and dagger are bought out to play, firelight and celebrations across the land, the cutting of the corn, the baking of the bread, in ritual if not in life, this mirror that allows us to gaze at the coming bounty, to once more take joy, not in the timing, but in the fact that they celebrate at all. Acknowledgement of the gods and the ancestors, wild voices that cry with great intent toward waiting skies, the multitude of skin clad drums that announce to the world " we are here, hear our devotion, reckon with us".
The serpent stirs at this cacophony of sound and soon will once more waken with quiet intent and great wisdom, out into the light where we shall stand with her in awe and inspiration and feed from the harvest he will grant to us. a feast fit for the Queen of hell herself.

This Cunning man and his dear beloved, met with good souls on clifftop hill not far from our own simple home, a festival of Lammas celebration, and the joining of two of good spirits who would be betrothed to one and other within the company of like mind and Divine presence.
This loving couple, let down in a small way by the weather and those who failed to make good on promise, almost to feel that the fates were conspiring against them, still the oath to be taken needs no human witness, wet or dry the bond will be made, love will always win through and the rite of hand fasting took place as it should.
A ceremony beautiful in its simplicity, few words yet those that were spoken were uttered with true meaning and fine intent, the love of friends, family and fiends to bring virtue to the rite and a hearty welcome of the late arrivals as shadows distant within the mist become solid and familiar to the entwined couple.
A pleasure it was for this one and his better half to be witness to this joining, to allow ones own barriers to burn to the ground brings great reward, there are good folk out there among the morons and to hide behind a self imposed wall is no way to find them, I no longer need to hide and will face the world head on in the future, I am protected and at long last capable of rising above the detritus, to soar upon the thermal currents gazing with unconcern at that of which I would wish not to be offended by.

So, much gratitude goes to Dave and Karen for asking us to be a part of your celebration, and to Mike for facilitating a ritual executed with great feeling and consummate ability. although many people failed to show, all organisers put in so much effort that disappointment should be as dust on the breeze, as human nature is at fault here and not any ability to host an event, so well done Ben, Mel and team.

So to close with thoughts of good company, as my dear brother and his family join us here in the days to come, and plans for our own travel are underway once again as there is another place that calls to this one, what glorious family I have found or perhaps have found me and what company I keep, blessed beyond my wildest expectation.

No longer the lonely fool, just one thorn of many among the roses.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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