Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Damp feet, Misguided intentions and the wearing of masks.

Wind riders haunt the night and day, warm and wet or cold and wet, the Cornish landscape oozes liquid as she can hold no more, stark contrast to this time twelve moons ago, when blessed Celeste radiant in the night sky danced her magic upon crisp white snow, the gentle crunch underfoot replaced by the squelch and slide that persists now, to glimpse that radiant light a treat to behold yet in truth we walk a dark path at this time, so perhaps the cloud displays the lesser mask, a greater focus than the heavenly distractions of her light, as we descend into this period of chaos and misrule, the world upside down.

This time alone, beneath the mask of covered stars should serve to teach us to look beyond, for it is a fool in the worst sense that cannot taste the lunar virtue for lack of visual stimulus, within that time there is no sight greater than that insight which is granted by the heart and the soul, perceivers of truth and honesty, where the eyes may be fooled the inner self knows true gnosis.

The same could be said of those who would wear masks within the mundane world of existence, those who would deceive the onlooker, enchanting facades that hide true intentions and perhaps hidden agendas, a mask of falsities and deception that is only paper thin, yet bedazzles the onlooker into a world where choices are no longer theirs to make!

Beware the one who would wear such a mask, look beyond the glamour and straight into the eyes of the soul, it is there that lies the true face, it may be that of a frightened spirit which hides through fear and not malice, it may be malice itself.

Tread carefully in the company of one who would walk over all to achieve that desire, masked or otherwise, it is never through need that any would cause another to suffer pain, hedonism is the foulest of human traits and empathy one of the greater, they are opposites in the extreme and one who would display either should be incapable of the other, less they wear a mask.

Avoid one who would threaten the peaceful existence of another in any way in order to achieve their goals, veiled or open, to curse another without true cause is to bring down the sword of justice heavy and sharp against the neck, watch those scales and see how they fall or be prepared to take the consequences.

And now to gaze upon those masks of truth, the guise perhaps worn by those families and lone shaman of the world, a facade that does not hide the undesirable aspects of mankind, yet projects hidden qualities toward the onlooker, hidden aspects of the Crafter's nature are externalised to allow the individual and the rest of the company to connect to that aspect, to bring it out not to hide behind.
I have worn such a mask, the effect is astounding and quite desirable, others may perceive qualities that are subdued at other times allowing trust and truth to blossom among the group, we are what we are and nothing is hidden from kith and kin before the hearth or at any other time, the mask serves to remind the individual of this very fact.

So do I myself wear a mask of deception in any sense? the answer is No, what you see you get, I would as you know place integrity before much else, honesty before lies every time, I would not seek to council another but I will offer advice if pushed, if my council you will seek, then expect the truth in return, do not wear a mask at your approach for it is no more than a lie and if we are to start there then the harvest will be a barren one, I have my own concerns in the world and wish not to be troubled with another's unless that other comes with all I hold dear and not that which I would despise.

I guess this brings me to a close for now, the echos of children asking, Do witches have warts ? Well no more frequently than any not of the faith, do we accept each other warts and all? Absolutely, we would expect no less from Family, If you wish me to wear a mask, then I shall remove myself and my warts from your company, as I do not choose to have acquaintances, dear friends are family and family are as dear friends and those I would count as such are very dear to me.

A merry yule to all (now I have got that one of my chest).

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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  1. That is a very valuable contrast between masks of truth and masks of deception. I think we all wear some sort of mask to face the world with, but it should, as you suggest, reflect who we really are.