Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Dog's Tale.

A Dog's Tale.

Born of the sun beyond the veil of mist,
disinherited bastard child of the earth,
beloved of the world.
Water, thick with dark peat hurls toward the deep,
silver ingot that leaps to prove his glory,
fulfilling his doom.
A shadow upon the rising sun,
one tortured soul, clings to the tree,
cruel carrion tear at his flesh,
returns him to whence he came.
Laughter and children's games,
bring tears amongst blood an splintered bone,
joy and woe,
it is I who stand triumphant upon this scarlet field.
Within the dark of night I met that hound,
I did take it's soul for my own,
I bore it's teeth to serve lesser men than I,
loyal to the last.
I became fear,
I became Death.
Born again on the field of wood and bronze,
twisting and changing,
fury hot and fierce courses though my veins,
I take it all,
this dog he feasts upon the slain.
A slave to none yet master not,
to the mist I must return,
a leap of faith as the salmon does,
to prove mine own glory, written in stone.
A beauty, copper scaled and fearless host,
the arts of war , the Arte of love I did learn.
The bringer and the thief, the lover and the beloved,
servant and traitor am I.
And yet with wisdom's gift did I goad my horses.
Toward mine own doom in the haze of glory.
A sacrifice, myself to myself,
Headlong towards this fools wyrd.
I hear the rush of the falls,
I feel my blood as it weeps for the loss.
Somewhere the master of the water makes his leap,
bright colour reflecting from a radiant sun upon the scaled armour.
A sigh upon the wind as he claims his glory, as carrion he lies by the waters edge.
An I.
Strapped to a rotting tree upon this heath,
this setting sun, as I knew it would be.
The raven, she tears at my flesh,
eats well of this bastard son who leaped as the salmon leaps.
I who have known glory, I who have known love, I who have known death.
It is I, that she takes home.
Unknown artist.

Flags Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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