Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wild untamed saucy abundance

Well, here we are,the roodmass has begun, summer is once more awakening.
Seasonal blessings to all that happen upon this, a time to lap up the abundant energy ,to love and laugh and to make passion become your fire.
It would seem, that here at least the May will reach its climax very close to the first of the month,the buds are on the branch but she still holds them tight, another day or two then BANG.
Unlike the other three, Beltane seems not to be governed by lunar tides alone, but remains balanced with the solar also, triggered very much by the natural energies of the world as a whole, the perfect union, as it very much should be.
The calendar only gives us a approximation of this one, the old OSS from his stable will come on the first of May, this often coincides with natures sometimes obliging power, but not always, my OSS was shod this morn.

The wild ones have departed for a time, to give the children a chance to grow, the calm has come and on at least this level things are at peace.
As with all children, the need to grow has become paramount , there is a different voice to be heard calling in the wind now, the child shouts "look at me, am I not beautiful, do I not hold the keys to all that is to come", and it does.

I have always been a creature of the darker months, taking joy in meeting the black rider, hearing the hounds tearing across a storm filled sky, now becomes a quieter time, a time for building, thinking, growing with natures offspring, a learning of different mysteries, the practical skills that will reap the harvest, the time for the other self in me.
Seedlings in the greenhouse need to move on and be re potted in order to grow, you and I like them must also move, or we ourselves will cease to grow and become stale, the stale loaf is still edible, it just doesn't taste as good.
The herbs and hedgerow greens are already fruitful here, wild garlic, sorrel and jack by the hedge,nettle leaf and purple sprout(last years planting) have been here for a while, last years final pumpkin bit the dust this week, its family progeny are at this moment needing a new bed, the wheel turns and I have to turn with it.

A different kind of love for the summer, anticipation toward the autumn harvest aside, summer evenings at the beach watching the solar disc descend into the underworld, visions of other places, mad evenings drinking with friends in the warm air(hopefully), prancing stupidly around the woods and slipping on the bluebells carelessly squashed underfoot, the joys of summer.

Finally my mind wanders to some dear friends of mine, who are to be wed on the first.
A very special couple who have found a love that is rare, the one, to them I send my blessings and all love and luck for the future, and if through effort we make our luck then theirs will be abundant like the like the abundance that whispers in this Beltane breeze.

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