Monday, 21 June 2010

Mad dogs and an Engish Witch go out in the midsummer sun.

Here we are, the Solar year has reached its peak.
This morning's news with pictures of all the people having made the pilgrimage to the henge fills my heart with joy, for what ever reason they go and weather or not I agree with that reason, it points to the absolute fact that we are still very much tied to this land, both physically and spiritually, long may it continue.

No such grand pilgrimage for this one however, a special time in a place that is of significance to me, high upon the Cornish hills a view that explodes with beauty in all directions, to the North the rolling splendor of Bodmin moor and to the South the sea, newly Shawn lambs bounce around this ancient hill fort, almost too large now to take the sustenance from their mothers, but persist they do, the hairy bees take to the wind between the Furze and the Fairy Glove, and all manner of tiny weavers bask in the radiant sun amongst the tufts of wool and drying grass.
A small amount of witchery and a longer meditation, soaking up the fire at the Zenith of the suns energy, I even lit my incense using an hand glass and letting Lucifer do the rest, a perfect day which began with me watching a Bumble Bee trace a perfect double spiral in the grass at home, pausing at each end before a return trip, I have never seen this kind of beehaviour before.
A truly remarkable day so far, one that beautifully reflects what has been a fantastic weekend.

The whole tribe gathered to celebrate my dear brother Andy's fortieth summer, together in an orchard in Worcestershire, new Friends and old, some who I haven't seen for many a year others more often, meeting with some of the newer editions, youngsters, the uncorrupted minds of the future that are as yet untouched by our often cynical world, proud to welcome all of you to our strange collective.
Much food and drink was consumed by all in an atmosphere of love and joy, to think there were those that at some point probably didn't think either Andy or indeed I would ever make it to this age, I often wonder how we managed it, the children who hedonisticly flowered as nettles and brambles to hinder what was then Thatchers Britain, yes it did feel good at the time, naughty boys we were indeed, too much substance abuse and not a care in the world, saved by my T and the craft itself to tell you the truth, I still like to think I can be the fly in the ointment of authority, but no longer in such a selfish fashion, there is still far to go and so much to see.
On the way home we popped in to see my friend the blacksmith, Oli has been at me for so long to visit his forge and what a pleasure it turned out to be, his work is a delight to see, as is his family, his daughter is truly the flower among the thorns of a deeply harrowing and turbulent relationship, circumstance beyond the control of her father, who has bounced back with the enthusiasm of the above mentioned Ovis aries.

So this brings me to that point, news and thoughts of the ongoing season, for me the influences of others have been brought to the forefront, those people who have been there as we mature and ripen to a hopefully fruitful time, people who's work has been of significance, as writers mentors guides along whatever road we are on, many of my perusings have gone this way recently, as this year has been a one of new contacts, finding people within the craft whose authority I can actually respect, they are few and far between but they are there and they know who they are!

One such influence on my journey was and is the remarkable Doreen Valiente, I was a young petulant youth when I happened across a book called Natural Magic, the metaphorical metaphysical light went on as it were , it still shines brightly in the head of this petulant adult.
Because of this lady's work I went further,I kept looking much as she did in her own life, an exploration of the occult sciences and it varying methods of achieving the truths and wisdom, I kept reading, looking and asking questions, it was through her that I became aware of "the Man in Black" and a certain Mr E J Jones, those methods and his legacy, are ones that still fuel me on today.
this brings me neatly to my news.
The Centre for pagan studies and the Doreen Valiente trust held a competition to design a cover for the re issue of Doreens first book "Where Witchcraft lives", I submitted a painting of mine and I am overjoyed to tell all that my Artwork will grace the books jacket.
Many years ago, Doreen showed me that in order to find the wild natural magick, one was to look beyond and often into the wild places of nature, so I did, I found it and learned to work with it on many levels, both practically and esoterically, I still look, I still find and I am still learning to work with it today.
For my work and my name to appear on the same publication as Doreen Valiente is a complete pinnacle in my life and a true honour. This lady's work set me upon the path many years ago, Thank you Doreen, and may you continue to watch over this wayward child.

Flags, Flax and Fodder.

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