Sunday, 13 June 2010

Midsummer,Tubelo's green fire and Storm

A new moon and a glide into the heady warmth toward the peak of our solar year.
The May trees that seemed only yesterday to be heavy with the bounty of white blossom, have turned red to brown, our winged fellows roam the Skies above field and hedgerow in constant search of sustenance for their constantly hungry broods, meanwhile Reynard steals into our garden at the break of day in order that he may provide for his whelped, by helping himself to one our our chickens.
Needs must my red coated Friend, a lesson learned and I guess a willing sacrifice, we have hens a plenty and new chicks growing by the day, not to be unexpected when one dabbles in the arcane art of poultry keeping, the others are locked down a little more securely now, so dine well my foxy fellows, for next time your meal may not be so easy to catch.

Fate has once more stepped up to the mark to ensure we have some finances coming into our home, another months work renovating a beautiful old farmhouse, flexible days as well to allow for my own chthonic activities.
The world continues to turn as I ponder over the coming change of tide, I am comfortable and secure upon this solitary path for the moment, my ritual is lead by instinct still and until I truly find my place in the space of others this is the way it shall be, this fool will enjoy the company of the hidden and not have to suffer the company of other fools ( until I find the right fools of course).
My midsummer will be little more than a walk and a meditative time ( a picnic perhaps) within the wild places of my land, beneath ( with some luck) the rays of our sun at the zenith of its power. An Englishman among the mad dogs, my thoughts already reaching out to consider one mans decision to sacrifice himself upon this day, which in turn leads me back to a work of study that has consumed much of my time over this past month.

Tubelo's green fire, a collection of essays by Shani Oates, maid of the clan of Tubal Cain.
Well, what can I say, a book that has taken me and continues to take me on an intellectual an spiritual voyage, through the ideas and constructs of the clan itself. Never one to blindly except the writings and opinions of others, this book has guided me toward cultures and concepts which I have often considered to be out of my cultural sphere, therefore of little importance to me, each to be examined in greater detail, together with a re-examining of things I had already known, A collection of work that has forced me to address parts of my intellect that I have found were indeed lacking.
Not a Grimoire full of spells and invocations, but an aid for the study of the greater truths, for every door opens to reveal more doors, no answers only pointers to aid the seeker of knowledge.
I had always thought of myself as well informed, only now to realise the human capacity for ignorance, a refusal to step beyond the comfort zones of ones own ideas and my own ethnicity, the similarities between my own cultures and that the world over are astounding, origins, history and faith, love, beauty and understanding, my world is richer for having read this book, although I worry how much my Simeon brain is capable of holding. Thank you Shani, I think the above mentioned would be overjoyed at the evolution of his clan.

There was good news for the Cunning man this week, a connection to one of the great Women of the craft, a true honour for me personally, unfortunately I am not able to elaborate any further at this time, but I hope to at a later date, needless to say this one is in euphoric mood.

Finally, I would wish to confer the blessings of the solar year upon my youngest, it is her birthday on Thor's day this week, somewhat appropriate as she has always been known as Storm, a name conferred on her by her own fairy godmother as a baby, even then she would smoulder quietly for a while before unleashing an hurricane upon the household, she has become calmer over the years but is still prone to the occasional tempest, happy number twelve J my love, I am very proud to have shared my time with you,Through the ups and the downs you have enriched my life and often forced me to examine my own failings, I love you, and your sister very much indeed.


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