Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A dark cloud obscures a dark moon!

A black cloud has descended over the tranquility of the cunning man's abode, so a short piece by way of an elegy.
Things on a personal level are all going well, however we have learned that earlier today one of our friends was taken from this existence in an aeroplane crash, a young man in the prime of his life, leaves behind a loving family, and it is through their pain and not mine that I am writing this.
R leaves a large hole in our local community, a farmer with vision and passion for this land and the world as a whole, production on his farm paid careful attention to animal welfare, the well being of his staff and a dream to make the farm one with the earth, carbon neutrality was one of his goals, indeed it was while exploring the ideas of anaerobic digestion in Norway( in order to attain the above) that today he has met his end, these systems have been up and running in Scandinavia for a time now and that is where the accident appears to have taken place.
In this day and age when many landowners are only to happy to chase the youngsters from the countryside, R always encouraged children to do what children do, they are free to explore hedgerow , woodland and farmyard, always happy to oblige the young in last minute camping trips, giving our children the freedoms all children should be able to experience in order that they too become at one with our beautiful land, it is also he who has allowed me to be who I am, the woods and Fields are our larder, the fallen trees our heat, never one to bat an eyelid at this old witch's midnight fire.

You shall be missed by all in our household, and by others within the tribe that you have met at our annual gatherings, tonight I light my fire to you and a glass has been raised.

Travel well my friend.

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