Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dark lunar blessings and the fox among the hounds.

Green turns to muted gold as the cycle of the year continues, Mr Barleycorn grows in strength awaiting his fate and there is a lethargy in the air that high summer only brings, bovine herds graze upon lush meadows blissfully unaware of the loss of the one who with love helped them into this world.
Life continues and I am reminded of the beauty and resilience of the human condition, the darkness that surrounds our home has lifted somewhat, the needs of the land once more take precedence over grief, life has to go on.
I feel that those who have that connection to the land, agriculture, farming in general and the craft, may find that by necessity the mourning process is shorter than for those without such blessings, an inbuilt understanding of the cyclical nature of this world, life and death may hold less of a mystery for those who choose to truly live with it day in and day out, for myself, linked through the craft and my working life this is true, often seemed to be callous by those who perhaps have not had the opportunities that I have had, my thoughts of those past are constantly there, acceptance of another's fate is not so cutting for me.

The loaf mass will most likely take part at the darkening of the moon, instinct and need will most appropriately be my guide, despite the above, my celebration will be coloured by the life and passing of another, maybe joined within ritual as can often be the case ,a celebration it will be none the less, the wheat that arrived in my garden as a blessing ( or perhaps as chicken food) has yet to become the alchemical wonder, and when he turns bright with his gold, ready with the knife I shall be to fell him.
There is work to be done, the witch bottle in my window has become black, perhaps an offence has been caused I know not as yet, there is another who by his actions and inactions encourages the Blackthorn to sing to me, on that issue I am still seeking guidance, ethics and the right to intercede on another's behalf without their knowledge, a tricky area and a highly complicated issue, abuse of an innocent cannot go unpunished, integrity and trust are the virtues of restraint thus far, I will also not be governed by anger or hatred and with all such matters endeavour not to do so.

On a lighter note The Cunning Man and his beloved are off to the big smoke for the launch of Where Witchcraft Lives in September, the accommodation booked so only travel to arrange, looking forward to the day with a certain degree of trepidation, as the launch takes place at A day for Gerald b Gardner and Wiccan I am not, there are many good ones out there , I readily admit and thank the man for his contributions, there are few even within traditional craft that have not been influenced by him in at least a small way, even embracing some ideas as evolution of the craft is important.
So hope to meet some nice people up there, if any who read my observations would like to say hello I would be happy to make your acquaintance, look for the man in black who looks like a fox who has just walked into the huntsman's kennels.


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