Saturday, 13 March 2010

Wax, clay and mud, Blood, spit and toenails

It is so easy to get caught up in grand ideas, so appropriate for the journeying witch to seek out the great problems of the world, as the individual becomes more magickaly capable, the small, seemingly unimportant matters are easily passed by and forgotten, the great Magicks of helping to avert some huge disaster overshadow the small personal issues within our lives.

This is of enormous importance however, if we continue to ignore the small things in favour of the large we will only end up in the centre of an huge pile of seemingly small and insignificant issues, often in the form of an enormous marauding creature, it is at this point that it becomes harder to deal with, its like a builder trying to build a house on top of an unstable pile of rubble, it cant really work, This is not another magickal housekeeping lecture but it does relate somewhat.

These problems can also be affected in another way.

Often in trying to solve a problem, the individual tasked will overlook the simple forms of the craft in favour of the grander, sometimes over complicating a simple solution; again I speak from personal experience, hours of performing some futile act when something far simpler was staring me in the face.

Dealing with the small things in life can regularly teach us an insight that other wise seems to pass on.

I am not referring to the frivolous task of finding a trolley or a car parking space at the supermarket or other throw away gestures of the new age, but the problems that cause us difficulties, money, transport and food, a roof over our heads, love and other securities, these are things that can be solved using the simple forms of the occultists arts.

In keeping it simple the rewards are also simple, if they are deliberate well thought out solutions then the rewards will come in the same way, personal and easily received.

Like it or not, even those of us who try where possible to avoid it, rely on money, if you live in a rural location you need transport, food is grown hunted and traded but we still need even at best to buy some things, A simple charm to bring in money works well and is uncomplicated.

I can give a very recent and personal example of this.

It is my eldest daughters birthday coming up and she requires money for clothes and teenage girl stuff, so I rack my brains, as work has been slow coming forth in recent months, I took it upon myself to Craft a small charm to bring in some funds.

Just before the full moon, I took a slice from an ash stick to make a small disk, I sanded the surface to make it smooth, I then painted a symbol on the disk, something personal that could allow me to concentrate on the task, upon the rear I inscribed an appropriate charm, all the while and through all the tasks placing the energies I used into the small wooden disk, from cutting and sanding to the brush strokes and even the washing of the brushes, every act deliberate but simple in it execution.

I carried the charm with me for a couple of days then left it on the seasonal table that resides in my living space, Before the week was out I had received offer of a few hours work, then a day or two else where, there are still offers in the pipeline, a possible months work coming in,

The charm worked without foul consequence, I believe this is due to its non hasty well conceived and simple nature, together with the fact that I am more than happy to work, the usual alternative, is for money to come through the death of a family member or maybe an act of gambling (a habit that could create further issues), or increasingly through some form of compensation. Personally I would rather earn it legitimately.

We over shadow the importance of the physical things in favour of the esoteric, brush strokes upon a surface are not unalike the spiral dancing popular in Wiccan circles, Each stroke of the saw blade imparts energy to the wood.

My landlord blessed us recently with double glazing, so as a consequence I am relatively warm (anyone who knows me will know this is rare), the new windows being fitted caused some destruction to the personal nature of our house, so we performed some simple sympathetic magick , changing that energy of intrusion and destruction into one of cleansing and renewal, it worked well, spring cleaning as wind and draft literally tore through the house taking with it our old ways and leaving us with a fresher canvas to paint upon.

Of course a door charm had to be manufactured as a polyurethane door does not have the magical protection of a wooden one, interestingly, the design featured a traditional eye on one face, at the moment it was hung above the door the eye rotated to face the outside, I of course, think that appropriate however, underneath I placed another charm to bring stability to the household, this in turn faced the house.

So we should try to remember the simple magicks , wood has great power as has clay and wax, the traditional Poppet dolls of history that have become a bit of a Hollywood joke, are still one of the most effective forms of the witches art we have at our disposal, Using forms such as these are most effective for healing, they are not just for stabbing with angry teenage angst ( although they are good for that as well), wax has latent energy, as it burns away this energy can be transformed, reordered into what ever it needs to become, clay and mud have a similar if not gentler property, this is not a lesson in how to suck eggs however, so I will move along.

Simple magick, if someone has a malevolent force attached to them , make an effigy of that person , attach that unwanted force to that effigy in wax or clay form, then ritually cut it of , burn it, let it wash away in the rain, keep the rest of the poppet safe however and the person should become well, blood , nails or hair do actually make the link stronger, so if you can I recommend that you do add them to your working.

Simple working, effective and often, helps to reaffirm the connections between you and the rest of the seen and unseen world, never overlook the simple remedy in favour of the great ritual, it is important to know your limitations however, and there will be times when a group working will be more effective, that is an issue we can save for another day.

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