Thursday, 4 March 2010

Walking the moral tightrope.

Back to ethics once more.
Responsibility can extend far beyond the obvious boundaries we generally perceive, be that here or in the etherical world, if magick is real , as I believe it is , there is an enormous possibility that it obeys the laws of physics, this itself could have repercussions to the ways all magick using pagans should behave.
I guess the Law I am mainly referring to is Newtons third law "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" the other two deal with other forces that are of no real ethical concern to us at this time. We already know that Magick has an effect on a molecular level and this is how I (we) have come to understand how it works, for me belief has become hard fact, a real thing not something to be frivolous about, or indeed with.
Newtons third law also concerns the etherical and moral worlds, where the light is at its brightest the darker the shadows become, "one mans gold is another mans poison" is a metaphor only too real, especially when you consider the disposal of waste in this world, the law of Karma also seems to follow this rule traditionally.
So through supposition and experience we can at least assume that the forces of nature we call magick are subject to these rules, this of course throws up a new set of rules and moral guidelines for us that use them.
I am not talking about the thousands of people who use the title of witch here, for most of them are only worshippers at the altar and don't really practice any real "craft", although the little bits they do, often for trivial reasons, are precisely what I am considering here.
The real moral maze is for those who use and manipulate the forces of nature for what ever reasons our own ethical compasses might give, this concerns me and my wild instinctive work much more then the Wiccan coven working with rules and structure, using the systems they have in place, which I believe they are ethically sound.
The coven gathered together at the appropriate time, might perform a dance or raise a cone of power, this energy is then directed toward its goal, transferring the energies of the working group into one unified force sent to do the covens work, each individual sacrificing a little of their own energy into the whole.
Talismanic magick also works in this way, the energy of the witch making the talisman together with the physical energy used to create said work is able to be transformed into the usable magick of the talisman , she or he is then able to recharge them selves before or after the working(usually before) at which time careful consideration may be taken, the earth gives up her energy readily, it is only when we snatch and grab at it that it can misappropriated, tapping into the flow is the key not sticking your whole head in a bucket.
The need for instinctive wild magic can still be performed here , it is just not something that can be blasted out of you like a bullet without care and consideration,but providing each working is conducted with aspects of the aforementioned styles you should be OK, Making something and then breaking or destroying it in a controlled way is a good way, my wife and I once removed a blood clot from someones leg using this very method, a drawing and a ball of wax to aid aid concentration then burned on a small ritual fire, it worked almost instantaneously even though the client was ten miles away..

The moral balancing act happens when we fail to consider the sources we borrow from, it is possible to make things work with no grounding and no preparation, prayer works, but has no grounding, little acts of supermarket magic can also work with no grounding, so where does the energy come from.
The user is no longer a conduit for energy or transforming energy but is now demanding something should change, they may even believe enough to exact that change, and happen it will, right lets get to it then.
Just suppose;
Hundreds and thousands of people all praying for the safety of troops and people in the middle east, thousands of people trying to work magic to aid the suffering, some without grounding, Christians, Muslims and pagans, Buddhists and Hindus, all quiet in prayer, mostly cancelling each other out but acts of kindness nonetheless, consideration and love all the way.
Does Karma then swing round and bite us all on the leg, in its need to fill a void? could an earthquake in Haiti be the result of all this goodness? the praying world spins its head to face this new crisis (missionaries fly in from the states to steal children (from the modern home of voodoo tradition)) and bang we have another quake, this time in Chili, it would seem that Chili doesn't look poor enough for us to worry about so we will stop now.
The question I am trying to get to grips with here is , are we witnessing Karma working on a global scale? does karma discriminate against wealthy and poor( the wealthy are able to better cope with disaster so my argument is no)?

So an act of wild magic performed without consideration may well leave someone somewhere with a bit of a problem!! we should try to achieve balance in all things we do, we must be careful how we act as there may be far reaching consequences, for example it may be wrong to ignore the male aspects of nature and to honour only the feminine, this creates a kind of hate and loathing in the universe, and in no way redresses any balance for years of patriarchal subjugation, Karma may have already acted and we need to get over it, it would seem that we are ultimately winning now anyway( I use this as am example only because a young man once took his own life while at a feminist camp with his mother, the gaps you can fill in).

Historically the pagan religions of our ancestors dealt with this ethical question using blood sacrifice, transforming the life force of a living creature (man or animal) into the working energy that is magick,choosing an "appropriate victim" ensuring that an innocent wouldn't get harmed? we are of course talking about a peoples that had no science to explain the world, but still had an understanding of balance , in order to exact an act the energy equal to the goal must be sacrificed. In order to save a mans life it may have been that you had to kill one to maintain the laws of karma, or maybe two cows etc, if the earth was sick then you killed the king, there is a thought ( there are still a few royal families in this world, saving the world through regicide I like that).
We can now understand that in order to achieve an act of Craft we must first sacrifice our own physical as well as ethereal energyas well as our own time to create the force necessary through physical means, maintaining balance and letting the laws of Karma deal with the rest of the planet.

Karma states that good things will happen if you do good things, bad stuff if you do bad stuff, what if this is wrong and Karma is subject to Newtons third law, philosophically speaking consider this before you act, do good things and bad stuff might happen.....also for the wicked minded the reverse may also be true.
thought for the day, I so love this world but what a long and crooked path I follow, full of questions and potholes the council wont fix, it makes life interesting though..

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