Thursday, 25 February 2010

Karma's servant, moral geography

Cursing? I can hear the Wiccan population of the world wincing like the mechanic with bad news, the sound of wind fills the air as a sixty thousand mouths draw breath in over their teeth," well, what about three fold laws and karma and such like".
Is karma sentient? is karma a force? does karma act independently on the world? or are we servants to do its bidding? is there any such thing as Karma?
I of course don't know the answer to any of these questions, the only one I have is to say "its possible" as a reply to any of them.

I guess that before we can really discuss cursing, threefold laws or karma, we must pay our dues to what defines good and evil in our world , then we can see how that could be applied to karma and how it acts.
we don't really have to define "good", as in its simpler form it is merely something that fails to offend and is purely the opposite of evil, so let us assume that any definition of evil automatically leaves us with an answer.
Is ignorance evil? an act of pollution is an evil act from my point of view, does this mean that an individual that is guilty of causing , let us say an oil slick, is an evil individual, even though they may be ignorant of facts that may have caused said slick, is the oil company evil, ( most certainly yes) the captain of the vessel?even though another vessel may have caused this hypothetical situation, the buck has to stop somewhere , so why do I still perceive this as an evil act?
I think that a situation such as the above happens through carelessness and the more pollutants we ship around the planet the more is likely to go wrong, but at the root cause , am I evil? I, like millions of others drive a car, I am not making a profit from it but the polluters are working for me. I am not ignorant of the facts but still partly to blame, for me to place a curse upon the oil magnets would be hypocritical( although with all the profits they make I would expect them to take greater care than they do).
Is greed evil? generally I think yes, if it is defined by taking and using more than you need and wasting the worlds resources, so again I have to define myself as evil, I don't need this computer, I have books and music that I don't really need, I try, I recycle, I reduce and reuse, I have flown on holiday once in my forty years, I grow my own, hunt my own, I do less than some and a lot more than others.
Is Islam basically right, are we evil in the west? a bit rich perhaps on that score as the middle eastern countries seem to be among to worst for greed and land grabbing, perhaps as some Hebrew scripts suggest, we are all evil , the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,we were told that knowledge was evil, maybe that is why Adams first wife refused to subjugate herself to him, perhaps we should take a note of Lilith, worship her as she was free of that original sin, a better role model for the human race ( apart from the mating with and giving birth to hundreds of demons, which has in turn become a useful aid to cursing).

Last year we saw the failure of the capitalist system, governments across the developed world piled billions of pounds and dollars into trying to prop it up, we have to wait to see if this worked, people across the globe die everyday due to poverty and debt, even under the thin veneers of the west this occurs, not always in Africa but someone near you will not have a meal or a bed for the night. Education is failing at an alarming rate, hospitals will have to close due to the fact that they cant pay cleaners and there are few policemen on the streets these days.
By these reckonings I declare that bailing out the multinational banks was an act of evil, rewarding ignorance and thoughtless hedonism, while people die all over this world is unforgivable, when a small business goes wrong banks pull the plug, how any government could bail out these idiots is beyond me, we have left an almighty mess for our children to clear up, pure unadulterated evil.
Personally I would see nothing wrong in cursing the politicians of today, making them see some kind of reality, to actually think and do what they are payed to do and not waste time and resources pursuing their own greedy interests.

Well, that lot should of turned your moral compass into some kind of moral sat nav, capable of taking you anywhere you don't want to be, the wrong way up a one way street or just down an impossibly small lane to a dead end.
This goes some way to illustrate that evil is really a question of geography, that one mans gold is an others poison, and as such is undefinable.

So how should we live and not be considered evil by our own judgement?
For me it is to not behave toward others in a way that I would find unacceptable to myself, sometimes this, for whatever reason doesn't happen, so it has to include the fact that if I behave like an idiot I deserve to be reprimanded.
So we ourselves regulate karma, we allow it or disallow it to act.
"Do what thou will, shall be the whole of the law", just as long as you are prepared to be done by.

In some witch traditions around the world cursing is still seen as a valid option for protection or punishment, even to the point that if you are unable to successfully perform a curse it is considered unlikely that you will be able to perform a cure.
In other pagan society's love spells are considered OK even though it may appear that subjugating another being to your will is mearly another curse, it just happens to wear a pretty coat.

If in your life you are being bothered by an individual, and perhaps that person puts you or your love ones at risk, after talking and exhausting all options do you A. punch this person in the face , risking arrest and incarceration, leaving those around you unprotected, or do you B. curse the individual so that each time he might approach you he or she falls flat on their face.
For me its option B untraceable no longer illegal and with any luck the person involved might actually learn from mistakes and adjust behaviour accordingly.
Bear in mind that if you do choose this option there are risks, all forms of magick create a link between participants, when this link is established(the tricky part) it is so easy to send stuff the other way, hence the threefold, all magick requires a lot of energy to make it work, I reckon it takes two thirds of the energy to establish the link so if you don't have to do this part you can just fling the whole straight back when and if you become aware of a curse acting against you.
So if you have a grievance with another witch then either sort it out or resort to option A.
If you can justify the action you should do it, it is always a black and white issue it only depends on which you prefer, I will not tolerate rape or child abuse, there is no excuse and I would use any means I have to protect anyone from falling victim to such, so cursing would be an option.
The only other thing I would say is , that I would do everything in my power to make sure I had all the facts, to declare myself judge, juror and executioner without doing this would be an act of Hedonistic Evil.

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