Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Wild Magic.

Firstly I must apologise, I have been told that my previous entry was a little harsh and somewhat elitist, I am sorry as this was not my intention.
It was my intention to offend some people but perhaps without making myself appear quite so arrogant.
The point I was trying to make was about the apparent disappearance of the wilder forms of the arcane arts, in favour of the worship of nature in the forms of deity,
How many authors have layed down directions without telling anyone where the directions might lead and what to do when you arrive.
I value the fact that so many modern pagans are now worshiping nature, in whatever guise they choose, and would not seek at the outset to put them down,however, to bestow upon themselves the title of witches may be stretching the truth somewhat, as what I believe is that they are no more than just followers of a new religion.
Granted this belief system has its origins in older possibly ancient times but modern it is, and is beginning once again to resemble another relatively new religion that also claims an ancient heritage.
So, how was that for an apology then., not great I know so I will seek to clarify my opinion.
There are guidelines, shapes and forms in all the occult practices throughout all forms of paganism , witchcraft and even Judaic magic. It would be careless for the student not to learn some of these or indeed as many as that individual might find appropriate, as they contain useful skills and give the student the ability to explore the esoteric safely (usually) and effectively (sometimes).
Forms of ritual teach the participants the ins and outs , the nuts and bolts of the magick arts, we must not forget however that the act of ritual itself is capable of very little other than focus( which is of course very important) and it is the people within that ritual that conjure, channel or invoke power using focus and intent. Very little knowledge is required to achieve this, what is required is for some or all of the individuals to be wired in to the web, to feel the magick, to change its shape and to send it on its way effectively.I have witnessed some elaborate rituals that have conjured as much real magick as would be obtainable by a herd of braying donkeys, yet I have also witnessed the quiet wild magic obtained through concentration and love that has ripped its way through the void with volcanic strength and purpose.
Ritual is fine as are the trappings of robes,cauldrons,fire and cups( I have a reasonable collection myself and enjoy their use), worship is also great although it is often good to remember what your gods and goddesses represent, these things can be lost sometimes, is it really appropriate to travel 200 miles to Stonehenge to celebrate the solstice, burning fuel to get there and polluting as you go, or would it be better to remain local.(What a killjoy, I do feel that a kind of pilgrimage is reasonable from time to time, and can be of great benefit, just get together with your friends and share).
The most important thing I am trying to say is that, aside from the trappings of ritual and regalia what really matters is the wild magick that surrounds us all, the real skill lies in tapping into this and respectively using it, you require nothing to do this as each and every one of us is wirelessly connected to it, one only has to switch the wi fi on and its away you go.
Close your eyes for a moment and listen, beneath the noise and detritus of this modern society there beats a heart, a great big one that produces energy for you to use, so use it, just use it, you don't have to get dressed up just do it.
Then walk six times round a bush or something in thanks, but it would be a greater gift to this mother earth to plant a tree of pick up rubbish near where you live.

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