Thursday, 18 February 2010

Manners of Magick

In the everyday world , where we are solid immutable beings living in a tight knit society one on top of the other we have to observe a few rules or manners to stop everyone killing each other. Most of the dwellers in this strange land are actually incapable of following these guidelines by themselves, so other people have to make laws to govern those who do not wish to harbour any kind of responsibility for their own actions.

If someone drops a plastic wrapper on the street they can (in theory) be fined or punished by those in "authority"(yes I do have a problem with it, look it up in the dictionary and tell me you don't), if you yourself are to do anything you may risk getting stabbed apparently, so take care.
One of the reasons this law is there is to stop the idiots who cant or choose not to think from turning our world into one big rubbish tip, this in turn means that you and I don't have to wade through quite as much rubbish to get to the shop to buy and create some more rubbish by ourselves, (by reducing it generally to lots of smaller rubbish tips), there is also the question of Rats or seagulls perhaps creating a greater health concern but that really is only nature trying to balance our over consuming and untidy world anyway.
It would seem to me that although the pagan community consists of the sort of people who would not drop rubbish or wish to pollute our beautiful home and show good manners to others when and wherever possible that, there is within that community a group of people that litter the other places of this world with their etherical rubbish.
Rubbish that spews forth from untrained undisciplined minds, followers of a new theology that behave like the proverbial scientists only act because they can and never stop to ask weather or not they should or need to, leaving mess throughout the other realms and turning the landscape of the esoteric into a menagerie of ill conceived thoughts and beings.
A lack of faith is usually the cause here, the fact is, a great deal of pagans are converts from other religions where faith is only a concept and belief is kind of a fear, so, as a consequence they often don't really believe in what they are creating, a direct consequence of this is, that they rarely pick up their rubbish as they fail to realise that the rubbish even exists.
When dealing with the wilder more instinctive magicks it is important to remember this, there are beings out there who may be angry and aggressive due to the fact that they have been pulled out of the ether and now do not know what to do, just like lost and lonely children really, these beings may latch on to you and when they do it is your duty to help them, not to banish them or scold them as challengers , but to help them find the place they need to be, or if in deed they need to be at all.
On this level of existence you may find offence where someone has performed a ritual on an ancient site for example, maybe a circle was left open or guardians not thanked, even something as simple as an inappropriate act can cause the resonances to falter, changing the nature of the site, the more instinctive can usually see what happened and can put it right, if this is not possible leave and go back with guidance.A Friend of mine also fell victim to a protection placed at a site ( not an ancient one but a recently constructed cairn), there was no reason for him to know what it was or why it was there ,only it had a bad feeling to it, so foolishly he took it down, boom, he actually felt the magick go off. The person or people who constructed this knew what they were doing, not sure if they knew why or cared to think about what might "Bad Luck" bring to the defiler, it followed that this individual lost his parents within a month and marriage within a year, then proceeded to live in purgatory for a further six years with bad luck and misfortune the whole time. Seven years to the day he told me it lifted, actually felt it, at least these guys or gals were up for tradition, not ready for responsibility though.

There is another form of rudeness that I would like to touch on here, that is the act of psychic mind probing.
This I will explain, it would be considered rude to walk up to someone in a pub or any social place and demand to know stuff about them, who are you? do you have any dead relatives? what do you want to achieve? however , if you were to walk into any psychic fair or such like anywhere in the country and you have your barriers down ,that is exactly what will happen, especially if the said psychics are not busy and you are the only potential customer in the room, I have made this mistake once and had to leave the area to gather myself before returning feeling protected if not a little foolish. We should forgive these souls as often they are young, they behave like curious children with new telescopes pointing them everywhere trying to make sense of everything, or, should these naughty children be metaphorically placed over ones knee and taught a lesson, it is easily done with a quick blast of unpleasantness but how ethical would that be????.....

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  1. This is interesting because i like the way you explain the pagen religion. Im young and ive decided that im going to start following the pagen path.