Monday, 15 February 2010

Planet Prozac

Has it ever been noticed by anyone within the occult community that there are a huge amount of people involved who would appear to have some form of depression.
By depression I am not referring to the " I cant afford a new car or wide screen TV" kind of sadness that seems to proliferate it way through society, but the "everything is ruined please someone stop me from sinking, its all hopeless" kind. The kind that will not be fixed by the consumption of vast amounts of pharmaceuticals, in actual fact this very act is part of the cause, yet society continues to throw slap happy medicine at the symptoms while failing to address any cure.
These two types of mental state should not be confused, the first is another symptom of a greedy capitalist society that has (at least in the west) taught us that greed is good and success is measured by the amount of material goods and money someone can accumulate, this is itself a deeper symptom of the second kind however, those who buy into this idea are often happier to pop pill after pill and behave like the proverbial ostrich where the real causes are concerned.
This leads me to my main point and the other kind of depression, this can be due to factors that you have might less control over.
Firstly we must assume that our planet is one vast organism, that organism functions on many levels both visible , physical and what others might call the esoteric or unseen, as a traveller upon such an organism you are connected to it in every way, when that organism becomes sick so does every living thing that travels with it, that depends on it.
Those of us who love nature and work within the seen and the unseen forces notice this , some of us have toted the environmental banner before the days of green wash, as a result we have felt and witnessed a decline in our mothers health, and as a further symptom of this, a great many of us have fallen victim to depression, M E and other illness that I am claiming are further symptoms of a sick planet.
When you truly become connected to this world, it becomes almost impossible to not feel the pain that humankind inflicts upon it, in a painful and very real sense, all foul actions seem to cut at you personally, each act of degradation is an assault upon you personally and those who you love, this is no metaphor or simile this is fact, you can not perceive the cut but cut you are.

The foundations of magick are not something to imagine they are very real and touchable, they depend on the connections we make through nature, real craft has little if nothing to do with the imaginings of a velvet clad plastic flower covered maiden, it is solid chewable energy and is almost explainable to the scientist, if the scientist will listen.
My father is a man of science, a confirmed atheist and fan of Richard Dawkins (who I feel unfortunately is as much of an evangelising moron as the born again Christian evangelist who insists on bothering people on the street, sadly this negates a lot of what he believes and that is a debate for another day), during a conversation a couple of years ago around February I was discussing the coming spring and the feelings that it generated in me, I explained how you could literally feel the seeds and bulbs ready to burst forward, at which my father yawns and dismisses my thoughts as offhand pagan rantings and tree hugging hippy crap.
I addressed this attitude using scientific theory, explaining that on a molecular level there was only an imagined space between myself and the seeds, and by utilising newtons theories there was no reason that I could not sense the seeds ready to burst, because I was actually connected to them on a molecular level. He said that he would get back to me on that question but has so far failed to do so.
There have of course been those people within the Occult community that have used these ideas as a basis for magical practice for a long time.
There is no such thing as the supernatural only aspects of nature that we do not always perceive.
So we are connected, both spiritually and on a molecular basis, so when our planet is sick we become sick also.
Finally psychologists have tried to put a spanner in the works, in the tests for Bipolar disorder(manic depression)there are questions that suggest a feeling of being connected to the cosmos, the ether and the planet are symptoms of imbalance and mental illness, together with perceptions of the world and the seeing of things that science cant yet explain, in this way we all fall neatly into the happy category of depression, poor deluded fools we are, while the Idiots who base their ideas on bad philosophy and flawed "science" are allowed to bury their heads in the sand once again.
We must not confuse Depression with this sadness and we must not let the establishment treat us as broken individuals, be connected , accept this pain and change some things in your outlook, fight back and the despair will lessen. become ....

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  1. Nice article, thank you. I agree that it is very difficult, even undesirable, to open the heart and mind up to the world at large and only be connected selectively. To willingly engage with nature is to feel the pain of a billion open wounds inflicted through contempt and ignorance by people.

    But perhaps a little like the pain of ecstasy reported by many other religions this can be strangely positive. For me, to share the scars of the earth through all manner of so-called 'ill-health' is to wear my colours with pride. A reminder that I (sometimes hypocritically but less so as the years roll on I hope) disassociate myself from those that would violate the earth through greed or mere complicity. That I am the Lady's man through and through.

    You are right brother, these chosen harms we feel are not so-called disease: they are our war cry.