Sunday, 30 January 2011

From the deep well of despair to the shoulders of giants.

I asked him, "What is that which I have to renounce?"

"All that is evil in order to occupy yourself only with that which is good. The proneness with which nearly all of us are born to vice rather than to virtue. Those passions which render us slaves to our senses which prevent us from applying ourselves to study, tasting its sweetness, and gathering its fruits. You see, my dear son, that the sacrifice which I demand of you is not painful and is not above your powers; on the contrary, it will make you approach perfection as near as it is possible for man to attain. Do you accept that which I propose?"

"Oh my Father," I answered, "nothing conforms more to my desires that that one should choose propriety and virtue." (Taken from the Black Pullet)

One small piece that very much speaks of the moment, the whole year has lead to this moment. Twelve months since my return to the compass proper, I could never have envisaged the importance of this time prior to this decision, am I a wise man? Perhaps that is for another to decide yet wiser I have become within my own understanding of the worlds, the stepping stones continue way into the distance, one at at time I take the leap from where I stand into the unknown, they no longer wobble beneath my weight as assured stability is my gift, a knowledge that if I were to fall there is a greater presence ready and willing to catch this wayward son of the divine she.
The Sins of this one are gathered up, I hold within my arms the shackles, the ball and chain that has slowed my progression into the light of Gnosis, in preparation for the coming rite that same consideration left me falling once more into the black well where the light of wisdom seems to far, too impossible to grab, the black walls are unclimbable, each attempt only serves to take this one further into the abyss, despair tears at my heart until at that moment all the purpose comes flooding back into the soul, the memories of all that has transpired over the year, the good, the bad, the lessons and the love.
There descends a hand, held open in warmth and my own reaches out to accept it, lifted cleanly from the dark water I am once more revealed to the light, his radiant smile like gold to my heart, "This is why my son, these are the chains that tie you to this pain, to be consumed in the late winter fires, then and only then will you be free to fly again".
Another lesson learned, to the fire of the Candlemass all the tethers will go, eaten in the spirit of the season, the February sun shall bring new strength to my cold bones upon it's arrival, another stone passed in my crossing of these sometimes treacherous waters.

A year on and this lonely Crafter is no longer alone, there is one who watches, who brings strength and support within this waking world and within the place of dreams, pointing out the direction to go, explaining the floors within my own workings, a mentor, a friend and one whom I respect, the spirits no longer hide from my enquiring mind and the serpent no longer recoils from my advances.
I continue to meet others who walk the solitary path, we become companions, friends, fellow travellers along a crooked road, together we are on our life's journey's no longer to be by ourselves in any real sense any more.
Then there are those within the exoteric plane that have taken this would be Cunning one under their wings, there is warmth and comfort it that knowledge alone, questions answered, my own doubts(although I have fewer now) are too consumed by the fires, in no small part to the influence of these wiser people, I feel in my very being a long and prosperous relationship with all whom I now hold dear yet whom were once strangers in the blink of time.
Communications along the digital highways that serve to bring armour to this wandering spirit, and an army ready to defend those who may me lost or vulnerable.

So, there we are once more my dear friends, the wheel has turned full circle and is ready for the off once again, in truth it never stops, to stop would bring stagnation and none of us want that.
Forward motion, evolution (my favorite word of the moment), let us all throw the rubbish upon the flames and continue on our respective journeys, there is change ahead and in another years time we will all be standing in a different place with a different view, upon the shoulders of giants we shall ride, beneath the radiant wisdom of the divine, all threads together in the tapestry of life, love and magick.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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