Sunday, 23 January 2011

A pre-spring cleaning and the Devil who cares.

The cold wind blows, chases the cloud to the west and leaves a crimson sky in its wake, an ice moon sails across the night sky, freezing all that her divine light touches, there is a hunger in the land once again, as the wild food is at a premium, desperate hedgerow birds will take the risks that they need in order to survive the rest of this frozen winter, the rewards may be great for those who venture to my own country home, the robin becomes king of all he surveys beneath the shadow of the circling raven.
Beneath the Cold Moon I have received a repose from the biting insects that attempt to blight my otherwise pleasant existence, the distracting bites and probes are beginning to become less of a distraction, do they become something that happens less frequently or do they become like that pain that descends into our tired bones, an uncomfortable ache that we have become somewhat used to, still this one refuses to bite back yet there is a powder keg that is building, the fuse remains long and optimism is the key, anger and bitterness are the thorns and brambles that trip and distract us from our true purpose and they have no place in my life at this time.

The seasons continue to flow one into the next as the wheel turns, now we reach an important time, if all has gone well over the winter we should have gained the insight and information to make those changes within our selves that will very much influence our future lives, this is a time for renewal, the year begins , the plough has turned the soil and the seeds of the first harvest will soon be planted, within our own cultivation of the soul, gnosis like the steel that slices deep into the earth should have turned up many of those weeds, stones and Brier that block our way, at the same time it enriches us, pulls the knowledge in and and serves to make the ground suitable, fertile for planting.

All of this knowledge we have attained so far is of no consequence unless we rid ourselves of the clutter, the seeds will only be strangled by the Brier, suppressed by weeds and rocks and never see the light of day, some are still rooted deep, others seem too big, but move them we must or we shall fail in our journey, stagnation is not acceptable, if we want to be still we would join some other religious cult wouldn't we, there is no place for this within the realms of the true craft, we are men and women not plants rooted in the mud.
It may not be easy to wash this detritus from our crafty lives, personal sacrifice or atonement may well be the order of the day, the choices must be made and resolution kept, this is an oath we take to ourselves and the Gods regardless of whatever other oaths we take in our lives, not something that we can easily put aside for some whim or another.
A devotional life is my own personal goal, to move closer to the divine, to become one with the same, we must evaluate, what we need, where we need to go and stick with it, the decisions are ours and ours alone, we may be within the flow of fate yet, if all has gone well we should at the very least be able to steer the rudder to the parts we wish to explore.
So whatever methods we need to use, the coming time is the time to be rid of hindrances, our sins, some will have another to help, the rest of us will need to work out ways to purge ourselves, be honest and show integrity, this is not some secular resolution that in a months time we can throw to one side, these are the decisions that could effect the rest of our lives and even the next.

As the days are now noticeably drawing out , Lucifer rises, each day growing stronger, his radiant heat can be felt once more upon the skin at those moments when the winter wind subsides, he like the wild kin we share our world with, reflect beautifully the growing strengths of our own tiny lives, his fire brings warmth to the soul, as the first greens of spring appear in the hedgerows.

To finish I would like to wish all who stray onto my path blessings in this coming time of thought and planning, I hope that you will not need some kind of metaphorical refuse skip in which to put your rubbish, for me the cleaning has begun, issues are being addressed, so come Candlemass it should be a bit of a flick round with a duster then to burn the last of the rubbish once and for all.

There is a phrase that says "The Devil may care", I personally know of one that does indeed and what is more he is quite happy to make work for these idle hands to boot, not to mention this easily distracted if not totally idle mind, most welcome he is as well, a great and much valued companion as are all his own kin, many thanks to him and his lady at this time, deeper consideration is just what this would be cunning one needs.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony..

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