Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Moon torn, but not quite broken...

A Cold moon rises, radiating silver hue upon the grey evening sky, upon this night a veil of frost shall fall and cleanse the path to the divine beauty that is she, Darkness wraps itself around the land and within that comfort I can find peace at last from the petty machinations of this world, tasting the air of the other as I compose my piece, the directions are clear yet the choices remain my own.

Testing times have been the order of the previous week, the lack of integrity among those who participate in this secular society will never fail to astound, straw has been piled high upon the shoulders of this one, small piece after small piece until the weight was in danger of forcing the break, yet my back remains unbroken and my own values remain firmly intact, the thorn that dances within the confines of my home remains unsaited in it's desperate passion for retribution, but my own soul is now lighter for resisting those primal urges.
Night after night my sleeping world has been disturbed by my waking concerns, yet all the way there is one who's very presence serves to protect my resolve and bring strength to heart and soul, a beacon and guide that aids me by his very presence, he says nothing yet he is there and that is enough, decisions will be made very much aided by this sign, this also brings much joy and hope.

This veil of disruption has now lifted and at last my mind is free to consider the things within my own life that I would wish too, Tomorrow I shall share the virtue of the bright night and all that she will bring, a monthly communion that has over time become some of the most important rituals of my working year, simplicity is the key to that moment shared with our pale faced goddess and with my own beloved, Virtue, Gnosis and love.
Blessings have also been found through my own dear children, J continues to blossom and C has discovered the value of learning, it is a shame that we have had to take her out of the education system for her to do this, yet she is excelling in ways that we could not believe, the results say it all, so well done my loves, not to mention my dearest lady, who's patience, together with her refusal to let this awful school ruin a bright girl's future has won through.

So, a short one today, a little morose and for that I apologise, I can only write about my own experiences after all, to talk of matters of which I have no experience would be a falsehood in the extreme, I would be kissing goodbye to my own integrity, and that is one of the only things that no one can take from any of us, unless we let them.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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