Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Busy Bees, deflated egos and thoughts upon a great man.

Sunshine and showers, colours shine radiant within hedgerow and garden across this strange land, time and idleness have produced a wild nature within the boundaries of my own sweet dwelling place, effulgent in all that this blessed world has to offer, wild and untamed in this time of the turning tide, it brings cheer to the soul and plenty to all the fur and feathered creatures that would share my beautiful home.
The unlikely bumble bees that dart within the sacred chambers of Digitalis serve to remind this one that perhaps he is not of such a solitary nature, at least not as much as perhaps he thought he was, alike to our solitary friends for whom company is not an option, a path I have walked for many a year and one that I have always been accepting of as part of my own fate, the company of others was no more that a dream and like so many put to one side for fear of never coming to fruition. Yet to taste of such fruit is to change the nature of the Lonely bee, to eat of the honey of the hive would make this Cunning one wish to join the waggle dance at some time, if fate and the powers that be allow me that pleasure.
Time in our world does not stand still, so until that grace is bestowed upon my own shoulders, work continues and knowledge will continued to be gathered, a burden that is not so heavy that I am unable to carry it, just one that I would willingly share.

My own search has lead me to the understanding that There are many things that tie our own faith to the other mystery faiths, within and around the confines of this blue sphere which floats within a dark void, not always obvious but they are there for sure, one has only to look to the poetry and art resplendent in lore that relates to us in ways often ignored, my own mentors and my dearest brother would use the term"perennial philosophy" the under pinning current that runs along side all truths, and is absent from so many other corrupted faiths, proof once more that blind faith is no more than delusional thought.

I recently have been urged to read the Bhagavad Gītā together with other mystical poetry from across the cultural, religious and indeed global sources from which thay may eminate. the Bhagavad Gītā itself furnished me with a great deal and left me with many thoughts and realisations. It is Incredible to think, that from another ancient and alien civilisation such words can still be relevant to us today, and within them there are many ideas that touch upon a great many things.

One of the personal goals within Traditional craft is the shedding of the ego, in an occult world that is full to overflowing with egos that itself may seem strange to the uninitated, but it is a prerequisite of no small importance, this truth is found in the Bhagavad Gītā and within texts from all over the world.

The Gita clearly states, that ideas and forms which resound in truth and wisdom are found when the ego is sublimated and we truly allow ourselves to listen to the sound of the world song, this has such revlevance to any who would seek the wisdom or wish to atain knowledge, I personally am glad that having avoided such written wisdom and then to compare to what I have learned through personal acts has very much served to strengthen faith and resolve. what was relevent then is still wholey relevant today to the person who seeks the truth, yet to behold the truth as written in a time beyond living memory is a joy to behold.

Concepts of doubt, fear and uncertainty are washed away when the truth is unveiled, the Ideas of trancending the affairs of the mundane world, which at first may seem hedonistic to the uninitiated, transend this hedonism in turn to bring together all aspects of all worlds and therefor all acts become sacred acts in them selves. The petty discrepences of everyday existance fall away as ash that blows on the wind, in those moments of connectivity there are only those moments, all else seems to become irrelevant. The outsider may well assume that this is a sign of unconcern and perhaps a lack of disapline, yet it is my view that we look at the whole picture and not just the bits we choose, the small vistas are of great beauty yet when we expand to see the whole it is only then that the conciousness awakens truly. To realise that God is not some untoucable entity yet within us and all things.

As one wiser that I once stated "There are no secrets, All knowledge is there upon the wind for those who would listen", and it is to him I give thanks, for within his own tragic passing I have found Family, love strength and so much more, I have only scraped the surface yet owe a great deal to him, possibly even my life, and so the circle continues.

So as we mark the passing of Roy Bowers, I am truly thankful, To you Roy, I give you my love and loyalty, it is only sad that I could not share a beer with you upon a feasting day, yet shall do the same to mark your passing.

Death holds many secrets, so until that time.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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