Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Midsummer day's awakening....

The Cornish landscape is a Green beyond green, so richly verdant as to send the eyes of the mind spinning, summer rain has persisted somewhat and as a result woven this emerald cloak to cover the land. Within the low lying mists of the morning air. steady precipitation causes all the flora to bow with the weight of heavy moisture upon leaves and petals, as if tired of this aqueous burden.
Roses within the hedgerows of the paths of our home form regal arches to parade beneath at this time of change, even a short walk through the damp fields leaves one as wet as if he had waded through deep water, all the while, the Roebuck with good sense stays dry within the relative shelter of woodland edge.

"Midsummer" I hear the disgruntled call, but midsummer it is and alike to the moon, the sun's own virtue is not truly beheld by the eyes alone, it is the soul that feels the change, although the warmth upon the skin is always a boon, to know and feel beyond the normal senses is of far greater value.
I would imagine that the Great henge is now resembling an impromptu landfill site, still, all will be restored in short time and the multitudes are happy, my own day has been one of simple pleasure and greater connections, as this insane time of chaos now draws to a close communications and plans of travel are once more stabilized, the wheel has now turned, another veil lifted before the eyes.

To think for one moment, that many years of rising before dawn on this day could ever be layed to pass is arrogant in the extreme, a failure to set the alarm would make some miss this vigil, thankfully for this wayward one I found that I was awoken by the tide itself, no surprise really as this observance has always been a favourite, even before I walked the path I now tread and Ignorant of any knowledge I may have gained since first putting a foot upon its stones, it called to me, and calls still, Although as I said to a dear friend, today was rather like having an annoyed parent pulling me from my sleep with the words" is there not something you are supposed to be doing", dragged from slumber by Lucifer's own radiance, hidden behind grey sky's yet there for the enjoyment all the same, I stand watching the sky begin to lighten, naked at the window of my home, thankfully for others we are not overlooked, myself in all my glory, not quite as resplendent a sight as the rising sun for any to behold!

The coal face, not so harsh today, a few hours put in to make up for some early departures, honesty and integrity are kept in check, a shame not all would embrace such discipline, yet we make our own worlds, if we treat another with disdain and dishonesty then we may expect to be treated likewise, it never ceases to amaze that such individuals always assume that it is others who would do them injustice and not justice herself that with good cause wields the sword against them.

Cloud still covers the sky as I prepare for my appointment with the midday sun, as a thought I speak to my dear beloved over the phone and to my surprise she announces that she would love to join me, well, could this day become any better.

Together in purpose, we ascend the hills to a place we hold dear, an ancient village that I have spoken of before, a place invisible to many but not to those who would look, no grand stones only a simple earthwork to mark this happy home, the inhabitants of this special place have given blessing to work their residence many times before and do so also upon this occasion.
The wind blows and there is chill in the air, V does her own thing and I do mine, yet we are together in ritual once more before my oss, exactly upon the stroke of twelve the cloud breaks and we can feel his heat on our bodies, sunlight illuminates the scenery, bright enough to light the incense with a lens, the sting within the wind has departed, as though it were never there, I am warm within my world and V within her own, a song , some runes (joy,wyrd and harvest, how appropriate)and we come together for the houzle, within that moment it is as though we have never worked apart, we are what we are, we do what we do and nothing need be said.
Two souls who have known love for a quarter of a century, together, still in love and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, we share our feast and some simple inspiration , before our return to the world of men.

It is days like this that fill me with joy and remind me why this journey has become such a enjoyable one, I hope others have felt as such today.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

Image copright of Patrick Valenza from the Deviant Moon Tarot.

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