Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer rain, Fate's plan and the drumming of a thousand maniacs..

A gentle sprinkle of summer rain has fallen upon the baked earth of our home, so hard the ground, that most of the tiny droplets run off into the streams and ditches, cracks and crevices, depriving the thirsty plants much needed nutrition, the sun hides behind smothering cloud and warmer clothes are worn into the refreshing air to halt the chill.
On those moments when he does return from imposed exile, his blistering heat scorches the skin , said thirsty plants turn to marvel at the brilliance, some only to wither beneath roofs of glass. It becomes harder to function within the high humidity gifted to us by the June showers, an uncertain time which may leave us in need of a coat in one moment and stripping off within the next if sensibility and modesty will allow.

All seems at first glance to be the portent of a time of pestilence, who is to tell, yet if one reaches out beyond the skin it paints a far different picture, the beat of Nerthus's drum pounds out a different tune to the gentle, consistent pulse that we could all perceive in the weeks that seem so far behind. An army of drummers thump upon the dry skins a rhythm so hard and fast as to become a vibration , each beat no longer truly discernible from the last, to dance to this tune would bring insanity, this song has a far different purpose, a herald of the life and fecundity that fills the ether, the dry earth, all realms that now clamour for attention.

Care is taken, meditation brings the most confusing of signals, a wild spinning vortex of life that is hard to define, whirling and chaotic, exiting, yet there would appear to be some danger within, to dip into this pool is joyous indeed, although there is the temptation to dive in completely, to swim and explore the world within the depths, to escape from the mundane reality completely, however, wiser council might suggest that to do so is to willingly have ones soul ripped out of the body through the third eye perhaps never to return intact, again, Prudence within ones actions is definitely required, until the time when guide and mentor might furnish me with the armour or perhaps a lifeline to enable this one to swim safely. Until then the pineal shall remain tugging upon the brow and crashing against hard skull like a trapped animal, desperate to escape but ultimately safe in the knowledge it cannot fall into another Hunt's path.

With the seasonal confusion, the maintaining of all the connections made becomes harder, it is though many the voices all shouting at once cannot be heard for the raucous noise they all produce, they become one with the vibration, indiscernible, difficult to single out, lessons merge and other sounds distract the traveller from the path, true Faith steps in to unite the parts of the shattered soul and simple pleasures bring mortar to the unstable masonry, art and poetry bring inspiration, the beauty that lies within an other's words or within the gentle strokes of a brush calm the water and filter out the detritus, so clarity and solidity may return, the seemingly impossible is not as far out of reach as any of us might imagine.
Faith becomes another key, to unlock that door that leads to gnosis, it is the support that will aid the injured man, the horse that will carry him home safely and the hearth that will warm the heart, never blind, for that is the domain of the usurper, the charlatan that demands allegiance without assurity, the fools paradise, to see the truth one one has to open ones eyes, heart and ears and it is there for all to see,feel and hear. There is no need to follow blindly, doubt and delusion are the liars seeds planted by those who lack a faith of their own, and they are keen gardeners in that respect, with only a false calling to their names, at least in this calamitous time their voices are not easily heard.

And so a note to those lost souls within this strange brotherhood, brothers we are and through our blood we are bound, to the both of you separated by the great Atlantic I send my wishes, what you both have is precious and rare, turbulent oceans will not break that bond, time and patience will see you right in the end, have faith my kin, for fate has a plan for you both, as does she for us all, I truly count my own blessings that I do not have to endure that pain that you yourselves endure, but remember that it will not last.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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