Monday, 10 May 2010

Dancing with the Trickster.

Well, another strange time, The May has yet to arrive, so while we are all waiting who should arrive to remind us that we are human, Loki, the trickster is abroad, taking fair advantage from what is otherwise a quiet peaceful air.
Friends and relations all over this blue planet have been plagued for a week or more with mostly minor little things going awry, testing times indeed, this one did not escape Loki's mischievous eyes.
In order to get to my friends wedding we required transport, transport with an exhaust system that will remain intact, this was the first trick, then there was a virus that had both T and myself layed out for a couple of days, finally (hopefully) the water tank in the roof decided that it wasn't big enough, so then proceeded to spit excess water onto the ceiling, three a.m. and I am awoken by the delicate sound of water alighting with some urgency upon the floor outside my bedroom.
Just as we think the storm has passed my youngest J returns from school in tears, a young reprobate had decided to bully a friend of hers, when she defends said friend she aptly rewarded by being thrown to the floor then punched in the face, so I guess the time of the chaotic fool has yet to end.

What has any of this got to do with my usual esoteric ramblings?
Coping mechanisms, that is my answer.
Unfortunately, for me at least, my ability to use Magick is not good enough to conjure a new pipe for the underside of the car, it can heal, although to heal oneself when low on energy is hard to say the least, neither am I capable of charming a fleet of broomsticks to clear up the torrent of water outside my bedroom, as for the boy with the over active fist, it would already seem that there is a small army waiting to exact Karmic retribution upon him, so the need for me to act(in any way) has lessened for the moment.

The coping mechanisms that I have are ones that have been acquired through the patience and study of the mystery's, my natural instincts are far hotter, in the past it has occasionally been an "if in doubt, lash out" kind of reaction, to any misfortunes that have come my way, the price is always paid and this way of dealing never comes cheap.

Patience, being in tune with the unseen, leaves us with a better foundation for dealing with the seen, the petty mundane troubles that accompany our everyday lives become far less of an issue when an understanding of the greater picture is playing a greater part in our lives.
To turn the mains water off to stop a leak, to take the knocks, to go back to bed and gain the strength to fix the problem in the morning, learning to swim with the river instead of trying to thrash against the flood, most of our own troubles are not of any real consequence and are rarely of any importance to the greater scheme of things.Let the petty drama's play out by themselves, save the energy in case anything really serious happens.
Quite honestly, we are not anywhere as near as important as we like to think we are.

So there we are, today's lesson(personal one), Magick doesn't solve all the problems,what it gives us is the tools and discipline to cope, it also helps in learning to deal with the real world and that has for me (not to mention my beloved)become a rather pleasant side effect.

I think that to keep in the spirit of things, i might go and cause a little mischief myself, eager as I am to tread the mill, perhaps a game of knockout ginger in the village will sate my spring energy for the moment, May even appease the Trickster to boot.


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