Saturday, 22 May 2010

Smouldering fire greets the Queen of May

Here at last, the May it has arisen.
The sky here is filled with the sound of birdsong, the hornet crawls in its exploration of the eaves of our cottage, the swallow flies low over the evening field to catch those also newly arrived to greet the sun, preparations underway from all that is furred and feathered, winged and walking, all eagerly awaiting their own new arrivals, the air is warm and the smouldering fire has started to burn bright.
Patience has again been the lesson here, together with expectation, things do not always turn out as expected!
The month has been a long wait for the shift, started as you know with the marriage of some dear friends, then, as warned descended into a period of illness, trickery and financial difficulty, all very draining.
Here for me, the May arrived in a cloud of mist, a fiery confrontation with a dear one ( not my beautiful wife, but my youngest girl) virtually wiping out any energy had had left after this trying time, the call still came, so stepping out into the fog beyond the gate and protection of my home with wood, pot and stang I set off across the fields to the chosen spot, an open field on the edge of the woods where often I find solice and inspiration.
As always I sat, contemplating the place before laying out my space, thick mist made the use of any light pointless, when "bang" then another "bang", a flash of a light through the air, nothing ethereal about this one, someone was out shooting close by, what they were shooting at and how could they indeed see what they were shooting at I do not know, even the question of weather or not they had permission to shoot at what they were shooting at,or were they poaching.
Anyway, I did not feel that this place was appropriate to my working any longer, I had not the strength or the will for confrontation, not to mention a sense of self preservation, these guys were blasting at shapes in the cloud, there was no conceivable way they could see what they were doing properly, I didn't fancy my chances if they were to spot my fire or catch the reflection of my retina in the beam of the lamp, so back across the fields I returned to my garden to work in safety tonight,(interestingly the spirits of the place felt the same and accompanied me home, I welcomed that and felt it such a privilege to have them glide along side,if not a little sad) .

To work here is no hardship, we live on a high place with virtually no neighbours, those that there are understand the ways of things and tolerate our "spooky goings on", as someone not so understanding once said, the house is surrounded with Oak, Ash,Thorns(Back and Haw), Holly and elder in fact most species of tree dwell upon the boundary of my house.
So to the business of the hour, the Compass cast,the fire lit (more of an enthusiastic smoulder in the damp air) and the old ones and the winds invited to attend, I set about my usual method with great expectation, soon I would be accompanying those already traveling the spirit road (incidentally one, "The Giants Hedge" is visible from my house, at least if falling precipitation will allow) and welcome in the roodmass in good company.
Again this was not to be, energy levels to low, distracted and beaten by emotional turmoil, stumbling around like the proverbial fool, while pyewhacket rubs himself against all objects in an attempt to push them over, this is where realisation and instinct over ride logic and planning, as someone once said to me , try to shoot from the hip, hard but the results pay off, so with wise words in my head I sat in my circle and let the night pull me along.
One simple bit of magick put the confrontation to bed, then to wait.
It wasn't long before I heard the steps behind, that dread feeling that something ancient and very powerful was standing right behind me, the excitement as I gave in to absolute trust, knowing within myself that I was safe but only because he willed it and she willed him to will it, an instruction and a nudge and the rest of the night went perfectly,the mists lifted, both metaphorically and actually, the fire burned with a little more enthusiasm, the spring barking of the red fox accompanying the night calls of the watching Tawney, all the while the steady drip of spring rain falling from the trees, here I was in the middle of natures Beltane symphony, a place where I could once more become complete.
The rite of the Rood was not as I had planned or indeed expected, but a fabulous one none the less, I had not the ability on this night to join them, but felt the warmth of those who were out, those spirits and energies of people not unlike myself, all doing their thing, I was in no way alone.

So there we have it, The tide has changed and we carry on with our lives, to all those who have shared this interest I welcome you, I am communicating with people the likes of until recently I never thought would exist, my thanks go out to Nathaniel for your inspiration and words of wisdom, and those Internet friends who readily give their support, Thank you to those of Tubal Cain and the 1734 tradition your input is of great inspiration, long may it continue, Bendith Y Mamau to you all.
This is not so lonely, this life on the crooked path, rich and full to the brim indeed.

The May queen has danced the dance and Lucifer radiates upon this land.


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