Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Of Love and the pursuit of understanding.

What are the things that drive us into those darker places of the world?

For me it is love, a love of the world and love of the creative forces that shape, mould and bring life to it in all its myriad forms, the magic of birth, death and of course earthly love, the ebbs and flows of the seasonal year and the changes in the flowing energies that follow, a love of the creative, of poetry, art and music, all this and more, and to see it all one has only to look and listen.
Many of these things have been devalued in today's society, the constant chasing and grabbing for financial gain is often the cause, wanting to cash in on our primordial love, even those seemingly untouchable energies of the world have been bought and sold under the guise of the "new age" or some other off the shelf philosophy.
This of course is not a problem in itself, providing that we as individuals do not let these preconceptions muddy the waters of our world, not always easy but possible.

So, how does love drive my being?
Well, I believe that love of anything drives you to want to understand that thing, absolutely, every facet of it, understanding and knowledge leads to a deeper love, the mechanic who loves his engine needs to take the engine apart to see hour it works, the principals of mechanics are similar in all engines but an exploration of the engine will reveal the deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of its working.
This has been and continues to be my life's work, a stripping down and pursuit of the world that I love, hopefully I have attained some greater understanding of it, I can say for certain that everyday my capacity to love grows and grows, and so does my passion for knowledge and the truth.
I have done and achieved many things in the pursuit of knowledge, I have worked as an Artist, photographer, gamekeeper, woodsman, handyman, decorator and currently builder, mostly in an attempt to further explore the muses( although lately for financial reasons), I love the light, the creatures of the wood, the trees, craftsmanship and beauty,on a deeper level than I possibly could have had I not explored them all.
I have met my soul in my own wife, and friends who have been with me on both sides of the veil, I have two beautiful children and a roof over my head, we are financially poor but rich in the one thing I believe pushes us on and that is love, if given the chance to change anything of the past, even the emotional turmoil and destruction we all have at times to endure, I would decline.

So this is the force that compels us all, the true magick, the beauty of the soul, the truth.
The one overriding force that connects everyone of all faiths and beliefs upon this heavenly globe we call the earth, if only all could recognise this fact this world would be a much nicer place to live in, instead the relentless pursuit of money, land, oil and power has allowed the populous within what we know as the developed world at least, to concentrate on those ideas that continue to separate us, and those in the undeveloped world to aspire to our notions of greed and consumerism, when the lives many of them lead are indeed far richer than our own.

Love is also the cause of all pain and sorrow, even the cause of hate and loathing, as the underlying force of human creation even this must be accepted as a key to understanding the mystery itself, to forgo love is to forgo all emotion, death and loss are hard to bear for some, those who have a greater understanding less so, even the heart rendering pain of a love lost will bring something in the way of repayment, it may take time but it will come.
Even in the midst of death we find love!
I will illustrate
Modern medicine fails to recognise love and often the soul, I was present and the departure of my own grandmother, just she and I were there, I was able to sit with her and say my farewells as I watched her soul disappear from its shell and depart on its new voyage, a deeply emotional moment driven again by the love of a woman to whom I was possibly closer to that any other relative within her family.
The medical establishment refused to acknowledge that I had been witness to her leaving although my own mother acknowledged that truth , they kept her body alive for four more years, a soulless creature in agony and pain, destroying the life of her husband (who was not a spiritual man) and that of those other relatives who had not understanding .
My mother then had to watch her own father degenerate before her over the following years clutching at a hope that his beloved may recover, where as my mother and I both knew that she had gone, only we were denied the right to celebrate her passing for a long time, which itself is a lesser evil.
Would I change anything about this ? No, it bought me closer in understanding to my mother, and for her a deeper understanding of me, to be present at that moment of departure was also a privilege, one that the old lady wished to share with me alone, deepening my understanding of love, death and the soul, if at that point I had any doubt about the existence of the spirit it was able then to depart with my Grandmother, my grandfather came to terms with his loss upon the burial and set off on the voyage some time later.

There we are once more, the cunning mans thought of the morning, not so magickal or esoteric, but a secret that is behind all magic and things of that nature not to mention all existence, try to achieve anything without love and you will fall flat on your face, find love in the things you do, the art and poetry of the world, the hills valleys and mountains, the woods, the lakes, the sea and sky,
If you start here a depth of understanding will unfold, the true Grail if you like, the caulron of inspiration, the sublime gift if the feminine.

The Creatrix is love.
Love is the Creatrix.
Let LOVE be the whole of the law.


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