Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Call to Arms.

I see you clearly now.

The bright eternal tresses of your hair, autumn leaves trapped with strands of golden corn made brighter in the light of his fire.
Your Verdigris leafen shirt, beneath tattered robe, scars of battle, cut by force, bring forth suns light in copper and gold from within that mottled plate.
How many have stood before you? How few have dared to gaze into those virescent wild eyes, those emerald pools, set within a pale vision untouched by the ravages of time and the many trials upon the path of human life.

Dark and terrible Magisty, so bright this truth I must avert mine eyes, does it sully your presence, for this low born, bastard fool to gaze upon such vision, I answer your call and pray to the winds that I should not disappoint, this hapless pilgrim, this beggar at your door.

My heart pounds with a strange fear, my chest, my throat, the rushing of the sea crashing with salt laden waves inside my head, should that you choose to strike this one from the Wyrd, this exited child who would know you, would feel you, within every fibre of his being, willing child of Fate should that You see fit to part soul from life.

Yet I stand before you still, as an arrow once set loose from the blanched sinew of your bow, aimed with absolute purpose toward the heart of the black sun, to one day return, for I have stood within your sight before, raw, untempered, a material yet to face the fires of that holy forge, imperfect, I recognised you not for who you were and only as another's eyes would see, like wise your perfect stare fell upon empty ground , so we parted .

Oh my Queen of heaven, I am with you now, mistress of my soul, you have called me home and I have finally gained the ears to listen, home at last to the warmth and comfort at your hearth, it has been an age my love, yet forever it would seem that I saw your reflection, chased those shifting shadows of your beauty, glimpses that sprung from the corners of my vision. Oh my Queen of hell I am with you now.

The Iron, solid, unwaivering in my hand, held with love and the conviction of my heart is yours in truth, the helm I would wear upon my head is as a mark that would brand me as your own, Faith is the shield I would carry forth, solid resilient in the face of the unwavering foe.
Your Holy knight, your judicial Sword bearer, severity incarnate, tempered with the many blessings of humanities plight and the mercy that attaches itself to this mortal coil, balanced to the scales themselves, polished golden, radiant and fair, your will is my command

Moon sister, guiding star, lover, teacher and prophet, I will become your shining steel, your instrument through fate, destruction and creation at your own behest, a scarlet thread woven into the fabric of your story.

My queen.

Once unseen I see you clearly now.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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