Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Steel grey skies herald the season of change

 Steel grey Skies herald the new beginnings within this season of change.
The laughter of the old king still ringing in my ears.
The embrace of family dear, still warmth to my heart.
A seed of potential, an essence,
 if not appearance as the wheat stands tall beneath the echo of the blue moon.
An emerald land lies in pestilent hunger for a drying sun
 as the fields whisper words of poison ergot to the winds of becoming.
The shifting sands of time are upon us still as we stand at this worlds end,
 the bite of winter within those dark and remote places,
to look.
to prepare for the thread to which we grasp.
 Jack, master of frost does stretch forth his icy grasp, a touch,
a bite for the unaware,
a promise,
of that which is yet to come.
Still there is She.
She who is with me always .
She who gives sight to this blind fool.
 She who makes my blood pulse at her promise.
She who makes my heart race with her love.
Today and all days to come.
beyond the perceptions of man.
far beyond the lives of our kind.

The Steel grey skies herald the season of change.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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