Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Saturni corvus

Dawn breaks and I hear her call.
Black ragged wings upon a cobalt sky she soars,
far above this waking world that lies bathed in dew,
shades of green and long faded shadow.

My heart awakens to this call,
Thought and memory stir to the resonance of that sound,
purpose and destiny entwined within that weave of dark cloth,
a tapestry filled with yet unseen imagery.

All eyes fall upon her form.
The panicked flutter of the vulnerable as they flee,
the fear, the terror as those who would attempt to avoid their fate,
to hide from morning's shadow, all calling.

"She is here, she is among us, hide from her gaze."

Those steel eyes were forged in fires long departed from this world,
belonging to another time they see all,
There is no malice, no bitter vengeance,
all is well, high within the rising warmth of mornings steady rise.

There are those who would berate her for this magisty.
The vengeful, the bitter and the curious.
Toward that which stirs the unknown within they soar, then away,
as if that word was enough, a sated curiosity returns all to the business of the day.

Then she is gone, disappeared from view.
To where I cannot see, yet my heart still hears her voice,
it still echo's it vibrant tone through my spirit.
Wise mistress, mentor to the lost and gatherer of souls.

It is to you I look.
Glorious Black Star, Radiant in the light of day.
Sister, mother, resurrector of the fallen.
Beneath your wings I am.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this.