Thursday, 13 September 2012

One perfect moment.

It is colder this morning, my brothers oath echo's within my ears, borne of love and loyalty, an honest petition to the great lady of light.
A bright crimson orange scar, tears its way across the eastern sky, feathered fellows dance and chatter in the grasping air, haste and a sense of urgency at the taste of autumn's change.
Preparation for shifting times, journeys far and winter's icy bite, we all make ready.

That pale blue atmospheric shield that hides the stars, so that we may gaze at this bright emerging world seems so distant, That washed out bolt of cloth that awaits the vibrant bright dyes of the rising sun, does make all else seem razor sharp, keen edged and crisp in this half light liminal beauty.
Luciferaian Radiance, creeps up the Ash's stalwart frame and the mighty oak is raised high as queen of the forest, bathed within fiery tones, she would rule this world.

I become ready, prepared for this change, soon will come the time when this old tattered leather shell is shaken of in the blissful light of transformation, to move beyond and bask in pools of Venusian light once more, to set foot upon new lands, familiar to the soul yet strange upon the eyes, to walk with my brother, and hear his words spoken to my ear and not upon the winds.

I am within her grasp. Her mighty strength wraps itself around my spine, tendrils creep between each and every joint and into my being, moving, living within me, held in my mothers arms, the cradled infant at peace with the world.
And yes, change requires sacrifice, and like the long tailed acrobats that grace the summer skies of our land, I too must depart for autumn shores, I too will give all of myself, I too will take all that she would bestow upon me. A thousand miles I would go, for just one glimpse of her beauty, one kernel of truth.
To the ends of this earth and further still, just to touch the bright hem of her cloak, to walk with her for one perfect moment, and hold it all for all times to come.

Preparations are made.

I am ready for winters change.

Flags,Flax and Fodder. Tony

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  1. There is a song, a line of which, ran through my head as I read this - the darkest hour is just before dawn...