Tuesday, 4 September 2012

When fire in no longer given freely it must be taken.

To what do we aspire?
How do we keep our heads within the insanity of the hell that surrounds us all.
It is a dangerous man that finds himself with nothing left to lose,
Trapped, the rat who wades through the detritus of modern civilisation.
With our backs to the wall we have limited choices,
to leap, to confront our jailors, to crouch further within our prison,
or to ascend to places where we are no longer subject to such hideous torment,
Holding back that black tide of reaction.

Our beloved children,
have come to view this world through the eyes of diseased vermin.
Raised to a life and trapped in a sewer, given little and have little to lose.
Taught to circumvent the virtues of love and life, even themselves.
Waves of faithless automatons would seek to destroy in them that which they themselves have lost,
forgoing that privalage of nurture, removing self worth, that which makes us strong,
blinded of the vision which would allow plain sailing over seas of derision.
A million seeds, allowed to rot in the storehouse of ignorance,
 as faith soon departs from the blind.

Ice requires fire to thaw that potential.
When fire in no longer given freely it must be taken.
Undirected and undisciplined it burns far beyond control.
Prometheus weeps,  when this divine gift is fanned by the flames of destruction,
that was never its purpose.

Be patient with the young and give good council.
What will be will be but we still shape our own fate.
To give all of our selves.
To hold dear all we are given.
We keep our heads above the water, and enjoy this sacred life,
for this gift is not ours alone,
we hold it in trust for our kin,
we must pass it on to them for it is theirs afterall.

Flags, Flax and Fodder. Tony.